What are you all working on?

So i’m in a week vacation in a rural property with my girlfriend, so i started my Man-O-WWar shocktroopers


I’ve been really busy lately but hope to get back to my Exemplar Final Interdiction this week. Once that’s done I hope to start on my Temple Guard list unless my Cephylax come in. Then I might get indecisive :stuck_out_tongue:


Working on painting the Cygnar mechanics

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Going to start Sabbreth later tonight. Really excited to get that rolling

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Working on waiting for Dusk to be released.
I’m actually struggling to paint at the moment, I’ve lost a bit of inspiration and don’t know what to focus on currently.

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Hope you find it soon, i was in a slump a short time ago.

Zephyr! (work in progress)


I started my first MonPoc model. Not telling any details because it’ll be a painting contest entry… but let’s just say I’ve been scratch-building some street lamp-posts in MonPoc scale. Makes me wish I had the eyesight and manual dexterity I had 20 years ago, with the experience I have today.