Lucas's Models and WIPs

Figured I may as well make a place to post the stuff I have. Haven’t played in a while, but I still enjoy making terrain and painting models. So, in no particular order, here are some things I have pics of so far:


Amazing paint job! Love the highlights and small details. Always a fan of the plaid on trolls :slight_smile:

Thanks, TNT.

I found this old pic of a house I’m working on. It’s got paint on it now, but I don’t have a picture of that yet.


Working along with the Wolfe-Stryker-Courser box I got a couple months back. Wolfe is almost finished, with the Courser up next.


Remembered I had these pics of some old buildings that I made, but no longer have. Learned how to make them from PP’s old terrain tutorials on their Hobby Blog.


Got most of the colors roughed in on the house.

And here are a bunch of walls I have made over the years specifically for Warmachine.


Figured I’d post these two. Haley was one of the first models I ever painted (way back when I was a teenager). Madrak-1 was one of the first trollbloods I ever painted (and one of the few who escaped stripping over the years). Experimenting with photo-set-ups, not really what I want, but oh well. Will keep trying.

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Getting more work on old Wolfe here:

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Group shot of the few Trollbloods I have actually finished.

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Man, that terrain looks awesome. Any link to that hobby blog still exist?


As for the blog, it sort of exists. You can find their old posts on the News tab. Search for “hobby” or “privateer press archive.”

They also have a couple hobby-related videos on their youtube channel.

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Oh that’s friggin awesome! Thank you!!

In anticipation of the upcoming Brineblood Marauder release, I’ve started to test out some ideas for beach-bases. This is the first, and I’m relatively pleased with it. Unfortunately, you can too-easily see the painter’s tape that I used to cover the slot in the base, and I feel like the paint under the water effects might need a bit of work.