We need a balance pass! And more!

This sounds like no balance pass, and no real plans to offer 3d reprints of the line.

I mean, I personally can see TONS of room to expand on existing factions. And more importantly, the balance in-faction and between factions DOES need attention. There are clear winners and losers, and an already thin well of options realistically mean many lists are very same-same.

At the absolute minimum, this game needs a balance update. Just to keep current players engaged. Just to keep what status quo there is.

If PP wants to see this game grow in 2024, they cannot simply just chuck 2 new factions at it. Convert the old models to 3d printing, soft relaunch this game. It WILL get new players playing. And 3d kits with magnets and pre-made holes will make entry SO much easier for them!

I LOVE this game. It is my main game. I play it alot. I converted my game club to it. We’re running a campaign right now.

But WNM is, by most gamer standards, on life-support at the very least, and arguably a “dead” game. Its hard to get new players in that state, to say nothing of vanishing stock. When you DO get new blood, they are now struggling to find minis.

There is a small, dedicated fanbase for this game, but its getting frustrated after a couple years of, well, failed promises and nothing else.

Throw us a bone! Give this game at least minimal life-support.


I 100% agree. I love this game and I would prefer to make it my main game as well if I could get the community around me to start back up. I do hope we ACTUALLY see something come out in 24 and not “next year” again. I think that may be my last straw for trying to support this game honestly. Not to be dramatic but I can only take “really cool stuff is coming next year” and then nothing delivered, so many years in a row before giving up.


I think being cautious in expansion is prudent. I’d rather see not see the existing factions become super bloated. Mutually exclusive Cadres or Merc Cadres, perhaps? I dunno.

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And further to your point the game does need a balance pass sooner rather then later. I dont think the “In its current state, the factions are well fleshed out and balanced in their offerings with enough options to support a variety of force builds and play styles.” is accurate at all. Empyreans, specifically the Cadre are over the top. As far as number of options I, as an AC player, do not have nearly the amount of good options as Empyreans or other factions. I do not feel like I have variety of force builds at all.

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They havent seen a release in like 3 years. I dont think factions becoming “super bloated” is happening anytime soon.

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Id be fine with that, too

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I agree. Within each faction there are models that one would never play. I used to play AC, and with the new releases I would never see myself playing the original infantry as they are far outclassed by newer options.