Be an advocate for your game

So this post is not meant to fearmoger
But on primecast 22 matt said in corporate speake that warcaster didnt do as well as they expected, didnt had the staying power they wanted, because of what they percive as external factors.
And its geting for the data i can gather as a random on the internet, the long tail has settled hard .(the most amount of sales happen at the start of a edition/game launch on the core products and the auxilar/ advanced/suplementar sell less over time)
Why am i sayng this, if you love warcaster, suport it, advocate for it, (dont force it though it may backfire) if it is a fun game as i heard you will hook people if you get them to bite

Administrative stuff
1)Do i like warcaster, i like some minis, i’m indiferent for the setting thats mostly because i know very little about, not gonna try the game has funky dice i run from funky dice like the devil from the cross(brazilian saying)
2)If you dont care about warcaster why make this post?
Because i had a PP game i love be discontinuede and it sucked hard i dont want to see others pass trough the same, and i would hate to see PP fail.
3)May i be wrong?
Absolutly, including i hope i am wrong
4)why do you care?
Sleep depravation maybe, mental health issues, beeing crazy, don’t know tryin to be funny in a dower warning


I also like Warcaster and advocate for it, but I will say that I would find promotion much easier if Warcaster product was printed like Warmachine MK IV product is. :slightly_smiling_face:

That being said: the pandemic really did mess up the whole life span of the game, both directly (stores were shut down, so in-store play — which in my experience is how 99+% of the audience engages — was impossible) and indirectly (about half the gaming crowd just evaporated during the pandemic due to normal attrition, life choices, or whatever).

I’ve literally watched sales fall through when the prospective purchaser learned the models were metal. :confused: They liked the hook of the models or lore or gameplay or whatever, but the cost + heft + assembly needs of the starter box killed the deal.

Heck, — and I’m not saying this in a griping, complaining-to-hear-myself-complain manner – but I’m right there with them in many ways. I have a primary mission-sized Marcher Worlds army*, but it’s missing some key components. I own the Dragoon cadre and several Strike Raptors, and although I desperately want to play them, they’re still in the boxes because they’re metal. I’ve pinned probably a thousand models (and a couple thousand parts, at least) in my gaming career and after seeing the Warmachine MK IV light, I just can’t go back. :sweat_smile:

(P.S. - Matt, if you read this, don’t take it personally! :slightly_smiling_face: It’s not an attack or anything of that nature! Things played out the way they did; it is just a fact. But I will 100% be first in line for a printed Strike Raptor and all the weapon packs!)

* I guess I technically have enough duplicates to field two full-sized armies if I really wanted, but… :smiley:

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PP has said they are running down all stock in old production methods. That would include all of Warcaster.

That said, Im pretty sure everything was 3d sculpted, and just needs to be converted to a format to print.

Hopefully, that has been taking place, and we’ll see 3d printed command boxes etc coming out in 2024.

I had intended to demo Warcaster at Ropecon last summer. I took the effort to have at least a Skirmish-sized force for all armies painted in time for the event.

Then my logistical plans failed when the person who was supposed to drive me and my stuff there had to cancel, so I had to prioritize what to bring with me on public transportation, and unfortunately Warcaster had to stay behind. Next summer, hopefully.


I’m putting my money (and time) where my mouth is, I’ve been running events, building the community for warcaster locally for the past two years and I intend to keep doing so. It would be nice to get something from PP but that won’t stop me from trying to build the game locally and run leagues, game nights and tournaments whenever I can. Our group is growing and we have a big tournament coming up at Broken Coast Barrage in February!

The last photo is a 2v2 game we played as a capstone for the summer league I ran.


I’ve seen your photos around and I really appreciate the effort you put into your terrain. :slight_smile:

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