War witches, Stormguard, and Stormblades

Can anyone confirm if the new singles for these units are made of the in house resin that PP is currently using?

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If you’re talking about the MK IV individual units that were previously only available in the starter boxes: yes, it’ll be the new darker grey resin mixture. Everything manufactured after the Khador starter (so, February…?) has been made in that resin.

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That was my guess. I just want to be 100% sure that these weren’t leftover from the core boxes and still their first batch of resin.

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It’s possible some of them are. Emailing PP would be the most sure way to know.

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I feel quite confident that everything made for the core boxes was put into the core boxes and shipped out. :slight_smile:

Half the benefit of the move to 3D printing was the move to (essentially) JIT manufacturing, with the corresponding dramatic reduction in the need for inventory. Obviously the situation is slightly different while they’re gearing up for a huge release wave, but I can all but guarantee (what with not being inside their facility) that it’s infinitely easier for them to print new models than it is to unbox packed models and repackage them. :slight_smile:

But, yes, as Malkav said, you could always email frontdesk@privateerpress.com and ask! :slight_smile:

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Hello Max,

Yes, I can confirm all the breakouts are single-part prints in our new darker resin.

Erik Reiersen


Thanks Erik!

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