New Expansion Boxes - Wow

My wife and I just picked up the new expansions for Cygnar and Orgoth, respectively.

We were blown away. Such awesome sculpts in ONE PIECE! No breakages, and that great dark grey resin.

This has us very excited for the rest of MK IV - thanks PP.


Now release the date for khador

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100% agree, these are a huge improvement over the starters. Which are theoretically fine, but yeah. These are less brittle than the starters. No in-package breaks, or anything like that.

I had a minor bend in Therion Vhanek’s spear, but that’s very minor.

Improving on your methods is always a good sign.

I’ve been seeing pictures and they look amazing, can’t wait to get my hands on Brinebloods and see for myself.

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Good to hear. I got one of the first Mk4 starter boxes, and the quality was… acceptable, for the most part. Now, I understand it was a first attempts, and one of my reasons for purchasing was to give PP constructive feedback - but it was also inevitable that those boxes would be a major point by which PP’s new direction would be judged. Which is why it was a shame they weren’t quite as good as their later releases.

The Minicrates and a few loose models I’ve bought since have been of a fine quality, no complaints there.

Wish I could say the same. I had 6 breakages out of two boxes of Orgoth:
2 skirmishers (maces) and one more (sword)
Both Forge masters: The staff snapped off below the hand on both.
1 axer (axe snapped off above hand)

And like others, both my Therion Vhanek’s spear were bent.

From the coloration of the resin, I’d guess that PP has started mixing something like Phrozen’s “Impact Black” resin in, but my experience would suggest they need to go for a higher percentage.

Maria Zur Neden has done a deep dive on resin mixes (along with other 3D printing variables) and I’ve found her posts accurate:

Do You mean the dusk starter?

I understand your frustration.

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Looks like you have the old and new resin (clear and darker). I think it’s good to share pictures of breakage points, as it’s 3d print PP can adapt the sculpt. I have received the greylord merc solo and noticed that they repositionned the axe compared to the artwork in a place that looks less prone to breakage. They might do the same for those orghots sculpts.

I got recently the khador starter, nothing broken in there. I was most impressed by the neo-winterguard standard bearer in one piece.


I don’t think the sculpts are flawed; all these spots were chunky enough that they could have held up. I think we’re looking at resin that’s not as flexible as minis call for, together with insufficient packaging.

You’re right that the skirmishers and axers look paler, supporting the notion that they don’t have any resilient resin in the mix. But the mechanic, even with its darker tone suggesting that it has something like Onyx Impact resin or a similar one in the mix also snapped. We know that says the packaging wasn’t enough; even brittle minis don’t just snap for no reason. But it also suggests that PP doesn’t have their mix right, yet, and probably needs to add more resilient/impact resin to the blend.

The ones I’ve got where a model or part has broken don’t seem as if they’ve been snapped by force, they look like they’ve been cleanly sliced apart. I don’t know really anything about 3d printing, but it seems as if there’s something wrong with the print layer causing a weakness that makes the item come apart.

I was really impressed with my Storm Legion expansion as well. Very good quality.

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