Question about mini crate

I “need” to get the alt Kreoss 2 model from the VIP minicrate. However I’m not too keen on this month’s normal minicrate model, so I was wondering, up to what date is the alt Kreoss2 model available in minicrate?
If I wait until next month, will it be too late??
Also are we ever going to see a warjack in minicrate?

I’m not exactly sure what dates Kreoss is available for, I think it should be at least another month but I’m not entirely sure.

Probably not. Since the crates are a fixed price I don’t see them doing anything significantly larger than what they’ve done so far, which is almost always small-based models.

Well, SaltTitan, we we’re promised that there would be larger models and not just small based models. So far we’ve had the swamp horror and spring break gremlins on a 50mm base, and a couple on 40mm bases.

Oh yea I forgot about the Swamp Horror lol

You’ll never see a warjack in the altsculpt, but I would really like some larger base mini-crates. So far they seem to just be selling alt sculpts for larger bases on the store.

I was kinda surprised that Horruskh alt. sculpt wasnt a minicrate.

We have had a warjack Minicrate, a Cryx Stalker.

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Wasn’t the Stranger Things Rattler also a minicrate?

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Oh yeah, the flower-head. You’re right. (Not a warjack, though.)

Ah yes the cryx stalker.
I was thinking more like something on a 50mm base, maybe a heavy warjack or something along the lines of a character warjack, maybe something that would fit into riot quest ?