Variant Warjack poses?

Hello! I love the new Warjacks! As long as the resin being used is the dark gray mix, the prints come out great with tons of detail, minimal support trimming, and solid models. The new pre-installed magnet holes are of course fantastic and something I really wish I had in Warcaster!

That said, the fact that every warjack is single monopose is starting to take its toll on me just like it has for me in warcaster. Since the new warjacks are 3d printed, and rumor has it printed to order, do you think it would be possible for Privateer Press to offer variant poses on the website?

Better yet, has anyone heard any news to that effect? I just heard from another thread on another forum that Warcaster has already been announced to go to 3d printing (AWESOME!): perhaps there has been some announcement of variant poses as well?


Variant poses are something we have considered for the future but do not currently have on the schedule. For now we have tried to provide as much variation as possible in the arm position to create variety in the poses, though we realize there are limitations to that.


An Insider article from February indicated that “heavy warjack chassis (bodies) without weapons [will be] online by May, including an alternate pose if you want to change things up a bit.”

Standalone warjacks with weapons are now available, so I’m not sure where the weapon-less chassis are on the roadmap now, but it does seem like May was the original target for the variant sculpts. Have they fallen off the schedule entirely?


Do you not know of the insider post that said variant heavy jack chassis would be coming next month haha.

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By now, we should all be aware that Insider posts represent the state of things as of when the post was made. :slight_smile: That is not a disparaging Internet snark comment, but a statement of fact.

Warjack alternate sculpts were on the menu as of February 14 or so. Things might have changed since then.

Everybody at Privateer has been ridiculously transparent regarding delays or other difficulties. Just…relax. Matt did not say “Never gonna happen”, he just said “Not on the schedule right now.”

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Once they’re on the schedule, I’ll be first in line for a Great Bear and Dire Wolf! :slight_smile:

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Well, I have to confess that I made a blunder here, and the alternate poses for the warjacks completely fell off my radar. I do recall now starting some preliminary discussions on those back when that Insider was written and then somewhere along the way, something else swept up our attention and we collectively went, “Squirrel!” and then these didn’t end up making it onto our schedule. So, mistakes were made and that’s 100% on me, both for not solidifying that plan on our schedule two months ago and for forgetting about it most recently. But I don’t like to let that kind of mistake go uncorrected. So, please give us a few weeks and I think we might still be able to make good on that target by the end of May (or at least close to it). Apologies for the gaffe and any confusion or consternation it has caused. I’m glad to know there is some demand for these and appreciate the nudge back on track. We’ll get it fixed. Please stand by!


I was plannimg to use them for the character jacks in my armies
Glad to here something may happen

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If it makes you feel any better I prefer monopose. The whole wysiwyg / multi-pose style gets overwhelming for my middle aged, tired brain!

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I think alternate standalone chasis (and body, for beasts in the future) make a great addition. If they are not so much expensive, they allow to expand your jack options, using the heads/weapons for the main kit, and “forcing” you to think on 2 combos with options that could be overshadowed when you have only a body.

It’s one of those things that take smart advantage of the modular/magnet engineering.

Seeing more jacks on the table is great :wink: so I hope they sort it out.

Also, in the future it makes a nice addition for Armies that are “closed”, like a variant sculpt, so players have something they may want to buy if they are building on bigger lists or add diversity to their armies.


Definitely. Mk4 includes a lot of jacks on the table and making that more interesting is a great idea.

It has been revealed that it was simply forgotten.

There is a lot of solid information here, thanks for the preview! I hope 3d printing makes all of these possibilities cost effective for the company!