Khador Winter guard BG (converted and painted)

I have converted my first 3d printed models, the khador battle-group (first generation resin), and wanted to share the experience.

Clearly not as easy to bend as metal models which is not so relevant for machines but can help for small adjustments. With the hazard associated with resin dust, I only performed some battle damage (worked in a bowl of water). It’s ok for perforation and small cuts, but sawing pieces would require ventilated hood as not practical under water.

Green stuff sticks well on the resin for addition of details or for smoothing of the 3D printing “steps” (as you cannot sand due to the resin dust hazard).

Overall, 3d printed models works for conversions but are clearly far less convenient than plastic or metal. Usually there is not the mold line to correct which is great, but when smoothing is needed, well it’s resin.

Anyway, here are the small conversions:



And painted… I wanted to have something not deviating too much from my #Grind models such as that one:
Screen Shot 2023-05-10 at 22.24.55


Now for the winter korp:


…and back. Yes, I was not so found of Ekatarina back, wanted more chimey stack (still a steampunk themed game) and the runes were a bit too Dhunian to me (so moar fur).


too much weapons to paint… looking forward to have the warjacks available without arms!


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So cool! Love the chains, tubes, and battle damage. I am a big converter too and I’ve been curious about the difficulty of modding or re-posing 3d-printed resin, so thanks for your pioneering efforts

Nice work on the customizations. That might be the reddest Khador I’ve ever seen!

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Yes, as all canon looks like canon except the grinder, adding some tubing to the freezer was appropriate.
And no, modding the resin seems challenging (at least with the first generation resin). Addition of green stuff is ok.

And yes… they are red. Firebrigade-style. :slight_smile:

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I’m loving your vibrant reds!

I can’t wait to see more