Unit charges while some members are engaged - worked example with images

Hi everyone,

I need some clarification on how unit charges work when some members are already engaged, but get placed still engaging the original models. Images below.

Fenn #6 charges. Prior to placement, #6 and #10 are engaged by driller #2, while #2 and #9 are engaged by the rockram.

next image in below comment because new users are only allowed one image per thingy…

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After unit placement, all placed models are within 2" of #6, and all previously engaged models are still engaged by their original engager. Which models get to make charge attacks vs the driller i.e. get teh boosted damage rolls.

Additionally, if I played the breakthrough card here, could (for example) #2 and #9 be placed out of the rockrams engagement and get charge attacks against magnus?

The last paragraph should have the answer you are looking for.


God dammit that paragraph was something I was aware of and just completely forgot about

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No worries. Glad to be of assistance.

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