Unfounded Brineblood Marauder speculation

I wonder if firequill is gonna have a bunch of attacks, or be like Mr cloggs where he can swap out his main weapon type

When did the Deepborne lose knockdown on his net? Did PP just change it? I don’t see any logs in the release notes…

It still shows the quake rule for me?

Yea I’m still seeing Quake as well.

I’m 100% certain the crab net had knockdown instead of quake when the rules were first released.

Oh I think you’re right, but that has the weird effect of knocking down on an indirect hit so it needed to change

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I really don’t like that they didn’t mention that in the change logs.

yea that’s unfortunate. I think the update might have accidentally been pushed early considering it went out before 9AM PST, the two Legacy armies are very broken, and there’s no Insider yet. So hopefully when they fix all that they’ll include this change.

Very much seconding that that needed to change

Hrmmm… perhaps. Very suspicious that they take pre-orders for a model with a really strong attack and then nerf it without telling anyone. But, things do get overlooked now and then… I will let it slide… THIS time.
fry-face-close-up suspicious

And, yeah, the change was probably needed. Auto-knockdown on a heavy warbeast’s AOE attack is a bit… much.

I played my first game with BBM on Tuesday night and I am impressed so far, so many options in game… it’s going to be something that gets me deep in the tank

I also didn’t see Flashing Blade on Boomhowler. Removed?

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They switched it for storm rager some point betwen the article and the release on the app

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