Sky Bomber/Raider discussion

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The Sky Raider seems potentially interesting in Brinebloods. Depending on how the character solo in the Expansion box (First Mate… something) shakes out as a combat solo it’s a nice threat extender on top of some decent shooting. You can also use it to move the Dirge solos which is kinda funny. I’m not sure about the Bomber; it has better shooting for sure but I’m not sure if Brinebloods gets as much value out of it.

+1 MAT and Momentum on the melee feels kinda meh compared to the perks some other Armies got out of it, though that could change depending on the synergy it has with the Brineblood 80mm.

Overall I’m cautiously excited, though partially that’s just because of how funny the idea of an all-airship list is.

Look like brinebloods version can get evasive from the 80mm brig

It could potentially have some usefulness with Athena, but I am uncertain how to use its mobility in as tightly packed army as that CTRL12 caster.

Maybe true hit and run? Scoot 6, shoot, scoot 6 back

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You want to get the whole package in there for the feat to really do work. There is no doubt that a charging Sky Raider that uses Ramming Speed, its Bombs and the Heavy Gun under the feat (or at least the Bombs and the Gun) will get the job done. And it has a decent threat range on that too - potentially 16". But then it won’t get to Propel away. And even if it goes 6 (which means it has to start within 10" of what it Bombs at) and Propels away 6 i means is still 10" away from the opponent. It will benefit from the defensive part of the feat but it also has that damn 120mm base, blocks LOS for friendly models shooting under the feat, and needs space to use Evasive to get away from the enemy under the feat.

I’ll have to glue a balloon to a 120mm to test this out more and see if it is practical.

Propelled specifically states that you cannot charge.


I love that PP is making models you can use in any of your armys. I don’t Have to use the Sky Engines with Just One faction. Each rule set feels very thematic and in character.

I am looking forward to whatever Khymerea gets as well as the rest of the factions.

Crucible Guard- now with air mail War Crimes!

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I was using the term in the colloquial above (which should be apparent from the numbers, that do not include +3" charge distance). But that was a very stupid thing to do in this forum :smiley:

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Me rushing to tell someone they’re wrong on the internet:


Hey look, you found a picture of me! :smiley:

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Is it just me or did they get a bump up in ho from 15 to 28? It feels weird to me that theses are high arm, low def models.

I mostly like the bomber, it’s got a decent threat range with the fire breather, it probably mostly wants to move/shoot/move and it can sometimes stay out of opponents guns range with flying high