Unfounded Brineblood Marauder speculation

All of the above? Please?

Boomhowler, Deepbourne, and Reef troll are in the app and they look awesome. Update you app, people!

I am pretty sure the octopus is what gives her annoyance and she is not a fell caller and does not have Flashing Blade (which would have been cool)

The lore in her retailer solicitation says she’s a Fell Caller, it seems to be represented by her Battle Plans. Lore seems less likely to have changed from the solicitation than rules since it has no direct balance impact

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she does not however have the word in her name or type is all I am saying… also doesn’t have the ranged attack associated with fellcallers

Not all Fell Callers have a shout ranged attack. Boomhowler 1 is a Fell Caller for example and that’s always been represented by orders he can give his unit.

Given that Brinebloods is sectioned off from legacy Trollbloods it’s possible they didn’t feel the need to make Fell Caller a specific tag that they needed to target with rules. No other Brineblood models we’ve seen so far suggest Fell Caller to me and the Fell Call tag was generally used in previous editions to prevent stacking multiple Call buffs, so if she’s the only one they don’t need to worry so much about that.

Either way, when I speculated that she was a Fell Caller I wasn’t particularly concerned with whether she’d be labeled as one or have the shout attack or anything, just that she would likely have some sort of infantry buff mechanic.


I could see there being another fell caller down the line of some sort. Ships have musicians after all

For more unfounded and absolutely batty wishlisting, I think it might be cool to see a different type of “large base solo” from what is rumoured (The Blimp?) Those Pyg Bombers are already pretty badass.

For my 2 cents, I think it would be cool to do something that is similar too but not necessarily an 80mm solo, like maybe deploying 2 x 3inch terrain pools at the start of the game and then have a sea-monster (like the hellmouth) that can move between them once per game as a mini feat.

I thought about this too, but there’s already so many various monsters in the game that it’d make the brinebloods lack as much things that make them truly unique. I mistakenly thought the archipelogos turtle from monpoc was going to be their 80mm, but now I’m more excited for the blimp. I think it’ll be as cool as the smaller ones, and have even more awesome detail.

Watch it need some insane ritual to bring it onto the board. We’re screwed!

The Ritual is just waiting all the way until November or something :frowning:

Until then, there’s this for all your steampunk airship needs.

I hope it’s ok to post other games here, it’s not even a board game. I think PP’s pretty laid back about such things.

More from me in the pure wishlisting, what about a feat for Captain Shadowtongue called “Roll the Bones” - which is loosely based off “Liar’s Dice” (they played it in Pirates of the Carribean movie). My explanation is a bit wordy, but trying to paint a picture

You get either a bonus or a debuff in your CTRL range.

The idea is that you roll 3D3 in secret, then you call out what you got by the highest number or a set of doubles or triples (like 1x2, 2x3’s) etc, whatever you choose.
Your opponent then either gets to call your bluff or not.

For singles you get a bonus to hit, for doubles you get bonus to hit and arm, for triples you get bonus to hit, arm and damage. The bonus you get is what you called on the dice, so if you get 2x2’s, you get +2 to hit and +2 ARM in your control range.

If you were bluffing and your opponent caught you, that becomes an army wide debuff in your CTRL (say 1/2 rounded up). If you weren’t bluffing and your opponent called you out, they get the debuff (1/2 rounded up in your CTRL).

Just a silly thought for a unique feat.

Hmmm, i haven’t though much about what shdowtoungue actually does, but maybe he could have something where you roll off with your opponent whenever a friendly/enemy unit dies for the round, and whoever wins gets to move an make an attack with that model

I’ve always loved spellcaster warlocks and warcasters. I’m hoping Shadowtongue fills that niche, especially with the fantastic spells on Brineblood’s rack.

Also super hyped to see Firequill’s rules, and whatever statline his armed starfish gets

New photos from today’s Primecast+

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yesss gimmie.

I will say that the Great Old One’s back is a liiiittle odd to my eye just cause it sticks up so far but I love the rest of it

I am sure there will be other choices for that

It’s a character, it’s not customizable outside of campaign play.

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oh I didn’t realize that… I haven’t seen all the stuff so I wan’t sure … but thinking about it that makes sense.

I had the same take originally, but it’s grown on me