Brineblood how they play?

Wondering how they could play. Seeing some rules for airshop and solo bomber i think they can shoot the hello at rat 8-10 then close in to finish work. What do you think?

Where you seeing them? not up on my app

Probably had saved a screenshot of the accidental leak a few weeks back. Which, of course, means the rules are still subject to change.

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There were photos on imgur .

Basically big airship with rat6, firegallery, lot of aoe wepon and the rules for relocate models, plus
Fa4 pc2 solos with Mark target and propelled8.

You can shoot with rat 8-10 consistently turn or two. Oh and basically everyone in the army have some ranger weapon…

True, but many of those weapons have a short range or are otherwise unimpressive. The beasts can get a decent RAT and some fun-looking ranged weapon options, but they’re not exactly a long-range sniper faction.

Yeah i envision them Just like pirates, First shoot then close in at the boarding :grin: with their baloon solo they can make the army hit on rat 8, 10 the baloon. Then they can close in. I wait for final rules on their big solo, but seems a mechanic self sufficiente, with no Need of the warlock to intervene

The Brineblood starter box contents are available in the app right now, because the box pre-released at GenCon.

It looks like they have a lot of flexibility so far, with two different attachments for the Boarding Crew (at least two attachments? I only vaguely saw the accidental leaks last month) and the ability to build some very strong specialist warbeasts.

They kind of remind me of the Talion Charter, with layering lots of buffs onto average models to make them amazing.

As for the other leak stuff not in the app: who knows? :slightly_smiling_face: It could all change!

Based on the leak there are three. The last one is the Tapper which is in the Expansion box and as of the leak was a 1-point attachment that gives the unit Stumbling Drunk. So basically you can build the unit as

  • Melee with a secondary gun
  • Shooting with decent melee
  • Tarpit with decent shooting and melee

Agree about Talion. Trollbloods and Talion are both very synergistic and Brinebloods look to be carrying that forward. Between the command attachments, the Admiral’s Battle Plans, and support solos and units I think they’re gonna be doing a lot of combo building with some ability to shoot but mostly relying on melee for their big damage.

Very much so. I’ve played Talion Charter as one of my main armies since they were released in Mk1, and I’m really excited to have a new pirate army in Mk4 - although good ol’ Talion seems to have made the transition to Mk4 mostly intact, too. But the Captain gotta have his crew, right? (And painting pirates is great fun.)

As seems to be the case with most Mk4 armies, there seems to be less reliance on buff solos in Brinebloods, so you don’t need a perfectly working Rube Goldberg machine to make the army work. But the feeling is very much like they took Trollbloods (a very synergy-based Faction) and married it with Talion (another very synergy-based faction) to make their troll pirates. I think it looks like they nailed what they intended to do.

I don’t know how strong they’re going to be on the tabletop. The units’ defensive stats are rather weak (even though their main line unit is multi-wound) and they don’t have many tools for dealing with high ARM. They can hit accurately, but not very hard. I can see needing to bring two dires with anchor weapons just to have a chance against some ARM22+ Khadorans.

But they look fun, and that’s what matters.