Tokens for Arc, damage, ect…

Are there any recommendations for acrylic or plastic tokens for Warcaster? Besides the card board stuff that comes in the box, are there any recommendations?

I haven’t found any yet, myself. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Warmachine Focus tokens for Arc. Some other Warmachine tokens could be appropriate, like fire tokens. I’ve been thinking about getting some Green Stuff World “Token Holders”: Token Holders - Buy Online - GSW

It would then be a simple case of printing the icons from the PDFs and cutting them (with a circle cutter / compass cutter for maximum convenience: Compass cutter - Mark's Miniatures) and putting them in the token holders.


I just 3d printed some bases for marbles off Amazon for Arc.


That’s pretty cool, I like how well you’ve matched the colours.

I actually just came across these:

They have status tokens, and faction-specific Arc tokens that include a sort of “two-part” status token that you can write on, where one goes next to the model and the other stays with you. Or something like that.