New abilities ideas

What are some new abilities that could be added to that game?

Mines is:

Rush: If this model makes a melee attack after moving 4 inches directly toward a model, add one power die to that melee attack.

Arc inversion: This weapon deals an addition pow of the model is charged.

Deflection barrier: When this unit spikes, they do not lose cover from ranged attacks that ignore cover until your start of your next turn.

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I am working on adding some RPG elements to the game and wondered, how a party could operate independently without a warcaster. I came up withe the following variation on Arc Exchange:

Arc Accumulator: You can charge this model with up to 1 Arc at the start of every pulse round if it is not already charged. Additionally, you can clear any amount of Arc from this model at the end of its activation.

An arc accumulator is a mechanikal device that collects and stores Arc from the environment. It works much less effective than a Wyrd (hence Arc Exchange is better), but it works for everybody.

Its effectiveness depends on the environment. On worlds with more latent Arc, it collects a charge faster. (Aka the ability is stronger if a pulse round has less turns.)

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Im also trying to add some RPG elements. Im have been using Five Parsecs from Home as inspiration. I have also though of converting some game mechanics into warcaster stats.

Currently I am thinking over the course of a campaign what it a Warcaster Health points where changes to confidence point. Like losing units reduce the leaders of the factions confidence in mission success would wane and the warcaster would be pulled out mission ( aka die).

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Amazing to know somebody else is going in a similar direction! I would love to see what you come up with. I have heard about Five Parsecs From Home, but don’t own the rules. Are you going into a solo RPG direction?

I am trying to fit the existing models into a system heavily inspired by the IKRPG (the Full Metal Fantasy or d6 version). I have already build careers like Ranger, Paladin, Vassal, and Commander and am able to recreate existing Warcaster models based on those. Let’s see where that leads to.

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Lol im actually being pulling in multiple direction and been brain storming some ideas for Solo, ttrpg, and wargaming campaign. I like game systems and mechanics.

For 5 parsecs from home (5PH) was think of making the warcaster the “captain” an allowing the use of models as crew member with the 4 factions being the origin and starting stats of crew memeber. The biggest challenges I have for this is figuring out how loot and abilities work. Loot isnt so bad, but would need to strip units down into generic crew members which kinda takes out the uniqueness of the model, and because some models have ablilites associated with their gear its hard to figure out why would the switch gear. Like what would you even have a maurder equip? There is also the issue with figuring out how to implement warp gates.

I have since scrapped it, but still remeber what i was going for. The great thing about 5PH is the AI system that allows for solo play. Its very straight forward.

For a TTRPG i have been or was workings on converting the old IK D6 to WNM using the strike dice. Challenege for this is that Im basically rewriting the whole book lol. This is mainly renaming stuff, coverting D6 into strike dice, and I want to change the death spiral hp system. My idea was that you PC would have condition and health. Players loose condition first which give them a debuff before they lose health. Players always start with full health in an encounter, but need to rest to get their condition back up without items or skills.

Last is a pecedural generator wargaming campaing. The game take place over grid and each grid in the map is made up of several terrain tiles. Keeping it short, there is an overall object that warcasters play towards. Theres is a deck of event cards including clues need to find the location of the last location housing the objective. Player HP is the confidence the faction has in the mission being completed. Through out the campaign players will find gear, side quest, and gain experience to level up to get buffs and perks that is applied in both combat and exploration.

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This is puzzling me as well. I also ended up attaching many abilities to gear, some even upgrades to gear. While this makes so much sense lore-wise, robbing a character of their gear would rob them of their progression as well. Still not sure how to proceed here.

I am doing the same thing :laughing:. I have started several times, but am quite happy with my latest approach:

I created character sheets for (all) existing human Warcaster models. While those character sheets have derived stats like DEF, MAT, … they don’t have base stats. I am assuming, that there exists a base set of modules for (human) race, archetype, and careers, that combined in various ways result in the set of character sheets.

Now it gets nerdy I assume: I encoded the character sheets in a programming language (Haskell) and wrote tests to verify, that certain module combinations result in a character sheet. I started with vassals and worked my way via paladins to rangers and dragoons. Every time I make a change to a module, I am able to run the tests for all established sheets to verify, that they still work.

I am currently able to reproduce 17 character sheets from a set of 10 modules: Human race, skilled and mighty archetypes, and commander, ranger, vassal, soldier, rifleman, foo (working title…), and dragoon careers. And I have not yet reached the end. I am using Warcaster abilities exclusively, although I attached many of them to gear. I am reusing the military and occupational skills from the IKRPG, though.

E.g. A “Vassal Boss” is represented as a “Skilled Human Vassal Commander”, while a “Paladin Annihilator” is a “Mighty Human Paladin” and a “Dragoon Strike Team Member” is a “Skilled Human Dragoon Soldier”.

One immediate outcome that won’t even need occupational skills will be a generator for new Warcaster models. E.g. I would like to try out a “Skilled Human Paladin Gun Mage” or a “Gifted Human Vassal Wyrd”. Those custom-made new models would even be able to level up, which is neat.

I am still unsure how I want to represent cypher casting, since this is quite exclusive to the warcaster in, well, Warcaster. However, if I read the lore correctly, Theurges should be able to cast Cyphers as well, as long as they are in physical contact with the cypher module. However, I feel like it would be truest to the setting if the ability to cast cyphers would be very rare.

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I pretty much copies the skills of spell caster and made 2 kinds of warcaster. One that is a damage dealer, the other controls WJ and buffs the team. Weavers play like priest or oracles, and thruges are gunmages who focus on debuff shots, and Arckanist that self buff having short burst of skills and stats.

Would really like to see your work sometime?

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I would definitely like to share, however, it is quite cryptic at the moment since it is written in Haskell :see_no_evil:. But to give a small teaser:

human :: Race
human =
    [ Phy' 2, Spd' 6, Str' 2, Agl' 2, Prw' 3, Poi' 3, Int' 2, Per' 3,
      ChoiceN 1 [[Phy' 1], [Agl' 1], [Int' 1]]

armorMimeticCloak :: Armor
armorMimeticCloak =
    { armorSpdModifier = 0,
      armorDefModifier = 0,
      armorArmModifier = 0,
      armorAbilities = [mimeticCloak]

vassal :: Career
vassal =
    [ Connection' aeternusContinuum,
      Gear' gearPhaseSequencer,
      ChoiceN 1 [[Armor' armorMimeticCloak, RP' (-1)], [Armor' mimeticLeather, RP' (-2)]],
      ChoiceN 1 [[MilitarySkill' HandWeapon], [MilitarySkill' Pistol], [MilitarySkill' Rifle]],
      Choice [[Weapon' fusionBlade, RP' 0], [Weapon' fusionSaw, RP' (-2)], [Weapon' heavySubmachineGun, RP' (-2)], [Weapon' hexCannon, RP' (-2)], [Weapon' nailer, RP' 0], [Weapon' spiker, RP' (-2)]]

vassalBoss == (choices [[1]] (raceChanges human)
               <> archetypeChanges skilled
               <> choices [[0, 2]] [ChoiceN 2 (archetypePossibleChanges skilled)]
               <> choices [[1], [1], [2, 2]] (careerChanges vassal)
               <> choices [[0], [3]] (careerChanges (commander "Sidestep" "Vassal")))

Ultimately, those cryptic code fragments will become properly formatted careers of course. When this happens, I will share them. For now, having them in code is super useful, since it allows for automated consistency checks.

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I dabbled in a bit a coding so i get the gist. You’re making the galaxy if Cyriss proud.

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I hope I am not breaking the Great Constellation in the process because this stuff approaches 3000 lines and is not yet properly version-controlled :laughing:.

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Adding to the “new abilities” portion of the discussion:

Evacuation Protocol [spike to recall friendly unit within 5"]

This one I first thought of for a medic solo, but I could see it being incorporated into other model concepts as well.