Future Materials?

So, PP is done with metal, correct? Does that mean all future Warcaster releases will be 3D printed? Will all the current factions eventually be 3D printed as well?


I believe they said in one of the blog posts or prime casts last fall that every new release for every game will be 3D printed and that they’ll figure out the back stock of other games eventually.


I feel like I read that, too, but I can’t find the post…

I believe it was from the Meta podcast.


D’oh. Looks like I got into Warcaster too early then. I’ve got four starter boxes in metal plus the AE cadre. I’d love to have all that in 3d resin!


Tbh i dont mind most of thr models in metal and most have banger sculpts. Its just rhe jacks that i want in 3d


Oh, I like metal too. And yeah, like you, the 3d sculpted, magnet ready jacks? PLEASE.


Future releases for Warcaster will be manufactured like MKIV with 3D printing tech. As for when the current models switch over that will depend on stock and materials.


Excellent, very glad to hear that. Swapping the guns on the current metal warjacks is no fun.

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Good to hear.

I don’t mind metal models - in fact, I love metal models - but some Warcaster jack weapons are so heavy that they have a severe drooping problem when magnetized, especially those models with a sideways attachment point. I had to drill two magnets to my ISA jack arms and weapons to hold them properly, and the shoulder mounts with longer barrels simply don’t work - there’s no room for two properly strong magnets side by side.

So if there was an option to buy the weapon sets as resin pieces (either traditionally vast or printed) I’d buy two of everything in a heartbeat.


I like metal for the durability but yeah, it can be a little hard to work with. The pricing of material went up IIRC, and then there’s making moulds and such. Even Corvus Belli - one of the other long time metal makers - is moving to different things.

…Infinity Minicrates… that’d be pretty hot…

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I think CB gave up on siocast for their smaller models because of a run of problems with their often very tiny little arms and legs. They are currently only making the big models in plastic.

But yeah, Warcaster in resin is What It Was Meant To be. Most of the solos and units are ok as metals or metal-resin hybrids, but the magnetization is much more handy with resin sculpts.

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We all did, hah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Boy oh boy, the day I can buy a printed Strike Raptor…

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I hope they go back and add the old range as 3d printed on demand. As others have said, magnetized warjack weapons that are metal are hard to keep straight even with powerful magnets. The other problem I have is how annoying I find it to drill holes even in plastic models for magnets. Warmachine Mk4’s pre-installed magnet holes are an absolute godsend for me and I would rebuy the entire warcaster warjack range to get them in that game.


I have two Warcaster armies worth of jacks, and I eventually just glued on all of my favorite weapon configurations, which I feel was kind of against the point. I’m LOVING the new Mk4 modular warjacks for WM. If PP starts offering the original line of jacks in the same printed resin, updated to work with magnets like the Mk4 jacks, I would rebuy all of them right away without complaint.

PP, Can we make this a recommendation for the next Warcaster Kickstarter?


They will have to, as their metal (and possibly cast resin?) production lines will be shutting down.

I think the question is whether or not the ROI would be there to resculpt and re-engineer the minis. Even only doing the Prime Legacy minis will be a ton of work and keep the SKU/rules overhead.

Beyond a random Mini Crate model (see: Death Rage Rahera), there’s astonishingly little chance that any pre-MK IV models will be converted. :slight_smile: So, I think Prime Legacy isn’t a concern.

I think Warcaster is a very different case.

First, the entire model line is pretty small. If you condense all the weapon packs, you end up with about 20 SKUs (and roughly 40 models?) per faction.

Second, unlike Warmachine MK III, the game is still getting new releases, given that we know Lost Legion is already in the works. It wouldn’t make sense to effectively discontinue the previous 4 factions and still hope to have a functional game. :slight_smile:

Seriously: the minute I can buy a printed Strike Raptor and some weapon packs…


Somehow, I missed this reply in this thread 12 days ago!

I have probably told everybody at Privateer at this point, but for real: I will be first in line for a Strike Raptor and associated weapon packs. :slight_smile:

I will be second in line for a Dragoon Air Assault Cadre. (I can’t quite wrap my head around the Storm Vulture rules. And also I kind of already have a lot of stuff to paint as-is…)

IIRC the recent stuff is digitally sculpted so has a better foundation to start from versus the old hand sculpted stuff.