The tales of the defenders of blackmoor

So this sunday i will start a new campaign with my friends on the 2d6 system with a mix of FMF and unleashed so this thread will chronicle it, i will try some new things on the recaps, feedback is welcomed
The party will in session 1 be hired to defend a smal but not insignificant village on the black river on now khadoran thornwood.
-Agnes Leona Ginnet: human gifted gun mage/Highwaywoman, former tinker.
-Jarl Ironhide: trollkin gifted warlock(trollkin)/ long-rider.
-Claus: the winter troll and Baricade: the bison
-Marah: farrow gifted shaman(dhunia)/bone grinder.

-Merlan: human mighty wolf of orboros/scout(Left the game because of clashing gaming styles).
-VerĂĽckt: gatorman gifted bokor/berserker.
-Ylva LĂşthien: iosan skilled seeker/ranger.


I often wish I could get players to recap in written form so there’ll be a bit of a record of a campaign… it wouldn’teven have to include everything that happened and could be a very personal POV account of events.

The game Earthdawn had a brilliant idea for this, I feel: If players write even a short recap of a session, they get a percentage of the XP of that session for the recap. This approach probably wouldn’t work for the FMF system, but there could be other incentives, like “story tokens” that can be cashed in for feat points to make sure an involved character stays in the game…


Looking forward to the recaps and best wishes from another set of villages near the Black River! :smiley:


Those “story tokens” are a great idea, i will think about it, and what they could do

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The way to Blackmoor
So the party journys start close to corvis in a wave of refugees, their last job was a bust and they were not payed, all they want is to rest, clean and a warm meal, so they get in the line, the weird composition of the group begets them strange looks, but before they can get unconfortable a small chield asks Ylva “why is your hair violet?” but before tey can even react again the chield turns to Marah "pig woman, what is that?“pointing to the hand of glory she carries, and yet again she turns to another, Verrückt and asks"why are you naked”, and finaly she was interrupted by her mother wich promptly apologizes and converses with the party, untill is their turn on the checkpoint.
They got rejeckted, well verrĂĽckt,marah,baricada and claus got barred entry, they elect to stay toghether and go somewhere else, they all remember a trading post called black crossing that is also a tavern and inn, so they go there, in there they decide to ignore all the activities, except marah who barges in the kitchen and starts to cook, when she finishes and brings the food for part odmf the group they are aproached by a young thurian man, who asks them if they are mercenarys, they answer yes, so he makes them the offer of a job 150 crowns to start, going up depending on the level of threat that presents itsef, after fleecing the guy for the staying on black crossing they acept to go to the village and talking to the magister.
On their way to blackmoor, they get delayed by a day because Merlan insisted on fishing, but nearly there they are acosted by Jack trhee toes a former ordic mercenary turned bandit, who demanded either alll their money or that Agnes and Ylva did some “favors”, Agnes shot up high and combat started, and as quickly as it started it finished and the bandits were either slain or routed, and so they reached blackmoor.
In blackmoor they meet Carrie the young magister who explained the situation and gave them a few options on how to proceed if they chose to acept this assignment, and she offered to pay their night at one of the inns ov the village, so they could talk more tomorrow, the inns are,the fat goat, and the rusty jack, they chose the rusty jack.
Reaching the rusty jack the bouncers start fake trouble with them untill tracy the owner screams at them to stop, they get in an imediatly notice the rusty duelist warjack that seems to be functional( they do not know if it has a cortex), they are seated, get their ortder taken and while they waited, an enormous ogrum named sulla presented herself and bok the bargobber and resident rumor monger


Sounds like a nice immersive start that includes a large cast of characters to endear the campaign setting to the players (or antagonise them in a way that provides adventure fodder).

One thing though :grimacing: … could you try to work a bit more on your punctuation and writing shorter sentences (i.e. a paragraph shouldn’t just be one sentence)? Even the best story doesn’t get the appreciation as it deserves if reading it is too much of a slog because the reader still needs to parse the sentences first… :face_exhaling:


I will work on it, im bad at grammar and punctuation even on my own native language

I do most of my longer write-ups in a word processor first, so I get correction notices when I make mistakes. This won’t catch stylistic issues, of course.


So after a break because i was feeling rather bad because of something that happened in the second session, but now i returned since we had the third session yesterday.

And the second session was more or less role play, knowing the places of the village, its denizens and shenanigans that are well too were disturbing to us as players and game master.

So with the preamble out of the way:

Recap: session 3: Mines of Thorn wall


They start where they stopped, Marah, Jarl, VerrĂĽckt and Ylva were in the El poico tavern, the largest and most frequented tavern of the village eating a full spicy roasted pig.

Agnes is with Carrie(The village magister) and Tracy(owner of the rusty jack inn) in the Rusty jack tavern and inn, trying to discover if the rumor about those two being a thing is real.

After that both groups return to the small cygnaran fortification(max 25 men uncomfortably), and Marah goes to check with Hobo bill or Grrrkrrrsh the diseased ridden bogrim who laid claim to the fortification after the cygnarans left it abandoned, and thankfully he has shat on the bucket, not on the floor, so she cleans the bucket and they all go to sleep.

Next morning they go to gather information on the mines, so they go to the great house, the villages magistracy(don’t know if that’s the word), and there they gather information:

  • First the mines were originally iron mines during the Orgoth occupation, then it was closed, re opened mined to exhaustion.
  • Little more than a year ago an Ogrum named Grimoran Khor led an expedition to reopen it.
  • There were in total 22 miners in the expedition, many locals, a few outlanders such as Grimoran Khor.

She also suggest that a cave in might have happened so they could take Slip, Droghun and the Three of the docks jacks for a small period of time to clear the cave in, if there was one, so armed with this information they go to the docks.

They search for both until they find a gobber screaming to a 6’10”(2M) wall of boxes in a alleyway, after the investigation they discover that, the gobber is Slip and that Droghun is sleeping in a hammock on the other side of the wall, so Marah elects to do mischief, she requests some alchemical ingredients and makes a batch pof fetid gas, asks Klaus for a lift and drops it behind the wall, a few moments later, the wall collapses and a stumbling trollkin emerges, they request permission from the wharf master, it is granted, and to the mine they go

Mines of Thorn wall

Halfway to the mines they meet a deer that stares at them until they get close and it scampers off, after that there is dead silence(outside the sound of jacks and their footsteps) and no other animal is seen or heard.

Near the mines Marah gets the scent of rancid rations and blasting powder, so they make a small detour and go to investigate the scent, they find an overgrown encampment.

On the encampment they find of usable worth three Blasting charges(small bombs), some mining equipment(pickaxes and alike) and most important a note:

Jornos wants results from this expedition, take a small team, we don’t want to draw attention, there’s movement in northguard, if the grays hear about it, our plans could be over, keep it low, find the object is the key, I suspect the old mine have something orgoth and there are some hidden secrets, when you find it, collapse it and leave the miners who are not on your team to die, we don’t want anyone to know anything.

Signed: Skyrom Wrathnoss

The entrance to the mines Propper was blocked by a cave in, that seemed natural in making, so with the jacks help they wasted two hours but reopened the entrance.

the entrace to the mines

The mines

They fight admirably against the Shaft wights and Jarl and Klaus carry the battle with battle charged. Outside that, they learn that bunching up against enemies with sprays attacks on narrow spaces is not a nice idea.
They do take a beating and VerrĂĽckt goes down and everyone has its moment, from Marah stabilizing VerĂĽckt to Agnes criting and knocking down Grimoran Khors Shaft wight, to Ylva getting the final blow on it.

A battle snippit

On the Corpses they find five extra blasting charges(small bombs) a journal that translate orgoth to cygnaran, however it is encrypted, Stonebreaker Grimoran Khor mekanical maul with a mighty plate(+2 Pow, 2 rune points found on Morgans Coalburn gearbook volume 1) and a large blasting charge(large bomb).

After that and VerrĂĽct interrogating the corpses they search the mines, Jarl, Marah and Agnes find a wall that is a cave in and can be removed.

A discussion ensues Jarls does not want anything to do with it so he bails out, Ylva doesn’t bail but stays at a safe distance at first, so in Two more hours of work Verrückt, Marah and Agnes open the way.

Burial chamber of -----------------

They enter a burial chamber where all but one wall are adorned with leering faces, the last one has a drawing of an strange object and written something in orgoth, close to that wall there is a remarkably preserved(as in it appear to not be dead at all) orgoth woman in an armor covered in faces with a heavy blade at its lap, sited on a throne.

They investigate the room, copy the mural as best as they can but agnes gets too close to the body, that springs to life, grabs her arm with baleful green glow coming from the eyes, that to Agnes was of a familiar color and speaks something in orgoth, soming that burns itself on the minds of those who heard it, slumped back on the throne and decayed to a skeleton and collapsed on the ground.

Verrückt tried to summon this mysterious woman soul but it didn’t respond as if it were somewhere beyond Urcaen or already reincarnated.

The armor and the weapon made them feel an uncomfortable sensation, so they still after a bit of arguing to take them to the fort, call the magister to appraise her of the situation, and the village antiquarian.


After their return and calling the ones they needed to appraise the situation, first Agnes notices that Carries eyes are the same color of the glow on the orgoth woman, and additionally she didn’t seem uncomfortable close to them, well she seemed concerned about the discovery but the item apparently had no magical effects on her.

Jhon Brittoren(The antiquarian) offers to break the cypher on the journal and research about the curses and boons on the armor and weapon also he offers to buy them, they accept the offer to decipher the journal and to research the items, but at this moment they refuse to sell them, and Agnes offers herself to watch over the itens.

Orgoth Itens my players keep away unless you want spoilers

War Witch Armor
Price: N/A
Base: Custom Armor (600)
Blessing: Spellward
Blessing Points: 3
Curse: Precious
Curse Points: 4
Speed ​​modifier: 0
Defense modifier: -1
Armor Modifier: +6

Oblivions Edge
Price: N/A
Base: orgoth heavy blade(Cutlass) (150)
Blessings: Thirsting blade and Attuned blade
Blessing Points: 5
Curses: Ancestral Memories and Haunted
Curse points: 6
Skill: Hand Weapon
Modifier: -1
Pow: 4
Special Rules: This weapon is magical and blessed.
When this weapon damages a designated living enemy all subsequent attacks are boosted.
When in the hands of someone endowed with Orgoth blood this weapon gains +2 Pod and additionally functions as a bonding plate for warcasters with Orgoth blood
Characters destroyed by this weapon have their souls sent to the infernal fellgoth, therefore they do not generate soul tokens or can be consulted by magic
A character with Orgoth blood ignores this weapon’s curses.
Haunted When this character uses this item’s blessing he must make a Will save, difficulty 15, on failure treat all other characters as if they had terror [20] for D3+1 rounds
Ancestral memories sporadically this character is beset by memories of either his past incarnations or those he has slain, a character in combat who suffers a vision must pass a Will roll diff [18] or be blinded and stationary for one round, a character with Orgoth souls can consult their ancestral memories.


That made my vanity sense tingle :stuck_out_tongue:

That was quite a busy session, and looks like a lot of fun, with some silliness before everything takes a more serious turn. I’m glad the group survived against that many shaft wights, those things can pack a punch.

I wonder whether the question of why that ogrun went to that place to dig will get an answer - had he got a tip, was he working for someone, or was it just coincidence (a tragic one for the ogrun, in the end)?

And if the group is willing to keep handling Orgoth items, they’re a lot more corageous (or more foolhardy, perhaps?) than any I’ve ever seen in our games when confronted with these artifacts…


In due time

They are absolutly unwilling, without discovering the boons and curses, Jarl didnt want to open the chamber, and after opening his sugestion was “call a church and let them deal with this”

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The players elected to let Jhon study the itens and the murral, amd while he reserches they chose to investigate a decrepid windmill where are rumors of a ghost, so lets see what secrets and adventures the 12th of october reveals

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introducing Marah, my character from Defenders of Blackmoor campaign (Unleashed + FMF), narrated by @Gabrieljusti. Marah is a Duhnian Shaman and Bone Grinder, inspired by a species of pig native to South America, the Queixada (Tayassu pecari) and by the Brazilian legend of the Tutu Marambá, which is a shadowy, bogeyman-like specter sometimes described as a pig.


You can just have so much fun with farrow, and this is a really great concept of one. The motherly aspect of a shaman of Dhunia and the cookery aspect of a bone grinder make a really heady mix with the farrows’ penchant for quasi-cannibalism, too (as I had an NPC farrow bone grinder say to the players over dinner, “Come on, eat up, eat up. You’re looking at your stew as though it wasn’t family”).


yeah we got already the motherly vibe when she protected and “adopted”, a tenage nasty disseased bogrin named grrrksh, she protected him from Agnes and Ylva that wanted to just kill it

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Yes! Thats exactly my idea for Marah.

Tomorrow I will post the drawing illustrating this

Grrrkshhhh is not amused… :soap:

Real scenes from the Defenders of Blackmoor campaign, where Marah adopted a very disgusting teenage bogrin named Grrrkshhh.


I love it!

Does Grrrkshhh speak in the third person? That would be such a funny contrast to their lack of attention to hygiene… :smiley:

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No, he may start speaking in third person from now on though

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