Streaming a Campaign, anyone?

Hai hai! I’m a starting out VTuber and I’d really like to get the Iron Kingdoms to Twitch. I’m already running games (not streamed), so I don’t have the brainspace to put together another game but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in running or playing in a campaign that is streamed on Twitch.



Hey, were you able to draw any interest in this?

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Not yet. :frowning: With luck, I will in the future! I’m gonna keep trying.

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If your looking to join a Campaign, for streaming purposes or otherwise, you might be better off looking into the IKRPG Discord server.
Folks there have been super friendly & helpful with me in the past.


This link seems to have expired

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Well, depending on the times, dates and frequency of play, I might be up for playing, but I do live in Germany, so time zones could easily be an issue.

BTW, I’m only fluent in the FMF editions, and don’t own any of the core DnD 5E books.

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I’m interested. Haven’t played IK since 3.5. Have all the new books tho.

Good to see some of the old faces from ten years ago. Seen Whimper around?

I’m sorry to say I don’t think I have, but the account name may not be the same. I don’t see the name on the discord, either. :frowning:

I think I have his email still. I was in his RPOL online game after the first Privateer Forums went down. Good guy. Canadian.

Can you send me the link to the Discord server for the IK? I really gotta get back into it. My gaming group split up a few years ago when friends moved out of town.