Soon i will retake my place as a GM of IKRPG fmf/unleashed, and would you all be interested on the recaps?

Hello all, here am i again to inform that in july 9th (if every thing goes acording to plan) i wil resume gming for my friend group, i had a little bit of prep(20 enemy groups 45 npcs 16 places of interest 50 rumors), so gms out there any advice i should head? And wish me luck
(I have another topic where im already posting the recaps of the campaign im in as a player, im creating this new topic for organization)

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Please do post the recaps!

(Maybe a auggestion, don’t break the recaps into bullet points like in your other threads, but write them in a more narrative structure?)

I can certainly try get more “narratively” on the recaps