The App Is Just a Tool. Why Not Use Other Tools to Make Up for the App Deficiencies?

Problem: I don’t have time to wait for the App to update and load every time I have a simple question. (I’m waiting for the App to load right now, so that I can confirm Scyrafael’s Rat.)

App Solution: Just wait. Be patient. Take Yoga breaths. Write screeds on the message board.

Non-App Solution: Have your database manager whip up some code that dumps all the model data into a light PDF and/or HTML document. So, I can search for “Scyrafael,” and instantly find out its RAT.

Problem: I love my Llaelese Resistance Army and my Flame in the Darkness Army, on which I spent roughly $2,000 and 200 hours hobbying. I want to play them in Unlimited. Unlimited. Unlimited. Not Prime, but Unlimited. The Unlimited Format.

App Solution: It’s too hard to program, so if you want to play your beloved armies that you bought /built for long-term play, then don’t play Warmachine, but instead make up your own variant that allows such forces, or just go back to MK3.

Non-App Solution: Matt Wilson can declare for each MK3 cross-faction theme, the models are legal as armies in Unlimited, even if we have to piece them together with individual model cards drawn from various factions.

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You’ve already made separate threads for each of these points and received responses in each from both Devs and community members.

I understand where you’re coming from, but making posts like this is not going to get you the answers you want.


After discussing with sparkerwon I’m going to reopen this thread for now. I encourage everyone to keep the discussion civil and to avoid rehashing points already covered in recent threads

I like the cards, they were one of the things that impressed me when I first got into the game. So I made my own card creator, I use it to print out cards for my models:

I also use it for command cards:


I think the Flames in the darkness (and the other cross-faction themes that cannot be constructed using the app right now) problem will be community solved once printing cards are supported.

Just printing the Flames Army and go, maybe some consensus about what exactly enters in the Army and done, flr what I’ve seen those lists were pretty explicit on what enters and what not. Add Magnus and Carver and ready to go.

The most conflicted thing may be what counts as friendly faction within the list and what not. Not sure how they did in mk3, just copy that and check.

It can be done using the external-generated cards from Soul Samurai, but it’s na extra step.

If I had to decide back in time, I would had explored the possibility of adding the themes as separate Unlimited lists, but software development often falls to “need infinite time” traps, or finite but large enough to count as infinite in crucial moments. But not everyone has worked with developers enough time to growth a sensibility of what may be “easy” and what not and how stuff can conflict.

Given that is unlikely that we have that, I think the next best thing is that the community compile those lists, indicate what cards should be printed and mark it as “Community standard lists”, no theme special rules or allocation points or nothing fancy, and just decide about friendly Faction. Ideally, we put here in a pinned post and with PP’s blessing for some officiality, with a word about TO having to decide beforehand and not showing in an unknown tourney with those lists without asking first.

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I’m on board with everything you said about community standards. Matt Wilson’s blessing does mean a lot, but as a community we can indeed generate our own standards.

Why does Matt Wilson’s blessing mean anything? We have a diverse community with many neurodivergent folk. For some neurodivergents, following the rules is VERY important. It’s a world of awkward when a rules-focused neurodivergent shows up for an unlimited MK4 match, and I say, “Love to play ya’! By the way, my army is officially illegal. But, I’m riffing off an old theme in MK3. Is that okay?” If you or your friend(s) are this kind of neurodivergent, you know what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about “rules lawyers.” I’m talking about people who love games with crisp rules, because it gives them a break from the crazy/arcane/undefined social rules of school and work.

I opened up my FLGS as a refuge for all gamers, especially neurodivergents. I’m across from a high school, and guidance counselors steer neurodivergent kids my way. They are my people, and I am their people.

Worth pointing out that Loren did state in the other thread that folks should be free to do whatever they and their friends are comfortable with in friendly Unlimited games. As a member of the Warmachine dev team her voice carries at least as much weight on the matter as Matt’s when it comes to rules.


I was using “Matt Wilson,” as a stand-in for PP authority. Sorry if that was confusing. Definitely, if Loren says that cross-theme factions are legal in Unlimited, that’s great! (But, I don’t think she said that.)

That’s how this reads to me. She didn’t use the term “legal” but she did say to play whatever brings you joy so if that includes cross-faction themes and everyone agrees to it I think you’re golden. :slight_smile:

Others including Devs have already spoken the second problem you mention, so I’ll leave that as it is.

For the first one, your solution would take longer on my phone than using the app, so it feels like you are trying to solve a problem where there is none, and are then actually creating unneeded effort.

That’s said, I am general fine with solving things out of the app where that is more convenient. For example, instead of marking wounds in the app for my 5-8 wound models, I place d8s next to them after they have taken damage to indicate the remaining wounds, as it is quicker, less risk of forgetting which one got how much damage, and the opponent sees the information immediately as well.


so wait your telling me there is a use for all those D8’s i “needed”!
Good plan and one I will likely steal

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It was nice of Loren to encourage us to make up our own rules. Cool.

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Devices differ. My phone is very much just the opposite.

Here are two lines of reasoning:

  1. It works for me; therefore it works for everybody.
  2. It does not work for me, therefore it does not work for everybody.