Gallant missing from app?

As of yesterday, 100% of legacy models have apparently been added to the app, yet I’m not seeing Gallant, Constance Blaize’s character jack. Am I missing something, or is the warjack just not here?

Edit: I’ve just noticed that Gallant appears under Merc cards, but cannot be added to a Cygnar army. Perhaps this is a bug?

I dunno what the deal is with Partisans. Are they just no longer in the game?

I don’t think the concept of Partisan is really part of the game anymore. Models such as “Iron Lich Asphyxious” is listed as both Cryx and Mercenary (i.e. Cephalyx), as is Rahera (who is the 4th caster in Talion now).

Perhaps Caine and Blaize will get their dual faction status back in the future as more of the late Mk3 mixed faction Theme Forces get incorporated into the game (assuming that happens at some point).

The odd thing is that in an unlimited Cygnar list, I can add Blaize, but not her character jack.

I think it has been confirmed as a bug, so report it

Correct partisans are no longer in the game.


I see, thank you for the clarification.

Also to be clear in Unlimited you can bring a Merc caster as your leader in any army they will work for. Just watch out for Friendly Faction spells.

I think Gallant and Ace have been fixed in their respective casters. Happy Unlimited playing!


One wish for Unlimited. Any chance you could show the models in alphabetical order in app? It is currently very hard to find the models you are searching for especially in mercs.

For example I tried to find Scythe who was supposedly added but I can’t find it from mercs. Maybe it is there somewhere or maybe not.

This means the merc leaders can bring that respective armies warjacks?

If you can add them in the app its probably meant to be. (Although mistakes can happen)

Oh I hope not:

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We currently don’t have the support in app to properly gate these casters from taking cohort models they could not otherwise take in Unlimited. Might be one of those times you will have to lean on the rules themselves for list construction than form the app.

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Couple other rules I blantantly disregarded above:

And on the topic of running Blaize or Gallant in Cygnar keep this section in mind:

So if you are playing a one caster game you cant take blaize as a caster and still be playing cygnar. And gallant cant be taken by a cygnar warcaster.