Steamroller '24 Preview

It’s Warfare Weekend and we have some previews of Steamroller 2024. Let’s start with page 1. Take a first look at the new Recon scenario!


Just for clarification because I don’t see a key (or I’m blind, also possible): on the diagram are flags triangles and caches squares?

It’s under Scenario Elements, second paragraph. But yes, flags are triangles and caches are squares.


Aha, I skimmed right past it. Was looking for a key on the diagram itself. Thanks!

Just in the second paragraph


Thank you, any chance a printer friendly version is available later?

Owned by my own reading comprehension twice in as many minutes. I feel shame as a free action.

Liking the changes though, gonna try to get a game in with them tomorrow.


After WFW I can try and post the whole preview as a pdf.


Thanks Loren excited to get this on the table

Looking at the second picture, does it say a scenario victory happens at 3 vp more than your opponent? Or is it still 5 and I’m just blind.

Would you be able to confirm if the player 2 cache is intended to be placed closer to the deployment, or if it is also deployed 18" up the board?

Yup, it says 3 VP more. And it’s after your opponent scores, so there’s a chance of a comeback.

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It’s 3 BUT after the opposing player’s turn.

Graphics error. Should be identical side to side


Some one wrote a printer friendly version for the community.

So,… my flags on 30mm bases are useless now? :frowning:

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I also reposted them as PDFs because duh…

They can still be used as 30mm objectives.


Except for the 30mm objectives that exist, that you could use them for?

So i suppose yes theyre useless except for the thing you can use them for.


Well, yes, I can use them as objectives, but, a base with an actual flag sticking out of it, that isn’t a flag but an ‘objective’ is just confusing. :stuck_out_tongue:
But, I’ll habe to grumble a bit more, and then wait till we get the SR rules, and find a way to adjust to it. :wink: