Battle Forge Custom Scenarios [Updated v1.2]

I’m a huge fan of Battle Forge type scenarios and have created some custom ones for Warmachine Mk.IV!

Download Series 1.2 HERE.

Operation Shadowhawk: Designed based on Warfaire Weekend’s Counter-Intelligence scenario where players seek to gather the objective before the other does. I have used it for Demo games a fair bit and so far the response has been very positive!

Extraction: Similar to Operation Shadowhawk but the Objective can only be secured by Cohort models.

Floodzone: A classic scenario that appeared in Unbound games before. Control the high ground or face the floodwaters!

Two Bridges: The most elaborate scenario in this custom scenario pack. Defend the bridges from the attacking force. If you can’t have it, neither can they!

Runes of Protection: A classic caster kill game with a twist.

Seize the Day: Prefer to brick at the center? Flanking models play to your advantage? Decide where to place your Objectives and influence such playstyles to your advantage!

In typical Battle Forge fashion, players are encouraged to modify the scenarios to suit their army collections, available terrain resources, or desired level of fun.

Most scenarios do not end on casterkill. Once achieved though, the scenarios should set the game heavily in favour of the caster killer with intent to still give a chance for the opponent to win, but not prolonging the game further. If one builds its army list properly, a win is still possible post caster-kill, as evident in one of the games I had! With that being said, I don’t think Cohort-heavy armies will be disadvantaged in these scenarios if played well.

Do let me know how your games go with it!

For 30pt scenarios, check out HERE.


Awesome, love seeing fan creations. I’ll have to check these out later.

Really awesome to see this and I love that you’re running with the Battle Forge concept! We really wanted to create a sort of sand box that anyone can draw from or add to and are excited to see what the community comes up with. Thank you for spearheading the effort!


If you love scenarios like that, the no quarters are chock full of them. The main reason I have the no quarter mags in fact. No Quarter 29 has some of my favorite like that. I’d also recommend #8 and #53.

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Updated the OP to share Series 1.2!

  • New scenario, Seize the Day, is added.
  • Experimental Terrain added to explore alternate ways of playing.
  • New section on Scenario Terms added.
  • Minor updates to some scenarios.

Download Series 1.2 HERE.