Statistic Adjustment and crippled systems

I have a question for Statistic Adjustment and crippled systems since the new Mastadon Warjack has a Head option that gives him “Statistic Adjustment = +1RAT”.
Under “crippled Head” in the rules i read " The model loses any special rules, including advantages, associated with its head system.
Is Statistic Adjustment a special rule or an advantage? Or is it something else?

I never thought about it because Statistic Adjustment was something i only saw on Warbeasts until now and they never lose the bonuses from their body parts because they do not have systems but aspects.


That is a good question, I think since it is linked to a part that can be crippled, you would lose that stat, as that part is damaged. I will say I’m not 100% on that but that’s how I would play it.

Tagging an Infernal for the answer of intent. (Travis also said he was checking in the Facebook comment that spawned this question.)


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I would say you would keep the stat as we’ve ruled already on a similar situation already


Do you happen to have that ruling handy? I couldn’t find one on here.


Thanks, Chuck! I couldn’t remember the right magic keyword to search for that post. :slightly_smiling_face: