Crippled Systems and tokens

With Cursebound Cadre coming out shortly I’d like confirmation on a few interactions.

We all know that when a cortex is crippled you lose the focus on the warjack and it cannot gain or spend focus.

The brain system on Monstrosities is written very similarly:

It does not, however explicitly state that you lose the focus.

Similarly Molok has Soul Taker on his head and loses the rule when crippled:

All three rules tell you the same things: how to gain the token, how to spend the token, how many you can have as a maximum.

Only cortexes tell you that you lose them when the system is crippled.

So the question is, when a monstrosity has its brain crippled does it lose any focus on it? When Molok has his head crippled does he lose souls on him?

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On monstrosities: they do lose focus when brain is crippled. This is shown on the damage key below

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Thanks, I missed this section.

But, for Soul and other tokens, they would appear to stay. If you lost the “Soul Taker” ability, you would also lose the ability to spend them.