Warjack/Warbeast hardpoints and stat modifiers

When a customizable warjack/warbeast has a hardpoint option that changes a stat, e.g. +1 MAT or +1 ARM (not a Buckler) is this considered to be changing the base stat from one number to another, or does the model keep its old base stat and the hardpoint just adds a modifier to it?

This matters for the purpose of stat modifier order of operations.

Modifiers are never automatically computed in the app. If the stat in the app changes, it is not a modifier to the stat but the actual base stat.

Conditional bonuses – like the Shield/Buckler you mentioned – are not automatically computed, so they’re modifiers.

Source: just ask @elswickchuck . :stuck_out_tongue:

That is, perhaps, not as helpful an answer as one might think.

That appears to be a bug, and you should report it.

Definitely worth reporting that bug.

I believe the intent is that the stat adjustments from hardpoints are considered the model’s new base stat, however that isn’t explicitly spelled out on the rules at the moment.

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And that’s the crux of the question.

A bug report that the stat shows differently in 2 spots is well and good, but doesn’t answer which one is correct.

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I already tagged an Infernal back in the first reply, so just hang on folks. :slightly_smiling_face:

That should become its new stat


Thanks for the answer.