Question: Winter Korps Officer - Feign Death

Can someone please help me understand what the point of Feign Death is on this model? Are we allowed to just drop models to the ground on purpose? I assume the idea would be that they contest a point and he some how acts dead controlling it and forces your opponent to move up into melee with him but I cannot find anywhere in the rules that says you can just drop your model to the ground. What am I missing here?

You cannot cause a model to become knocked down just by choice, no. :slight_smile:

The Winter Korps Officer has Tough. It’s the “three crossed nails” symbol on his stat line.

Presumably, he has Feign Death to help keep him alive a bit longer after a successful Tough check. Without it, the opponent could just dedicate any random throwaway bullet his way, and at DEF 5 ARM 14, almost certainly finish him off.

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Thanks. I missed that he had tough.

No problem! :slight_smile: Happy to help!