Steamroller 2024 set up question

So currently in both the steamroller document and the rulebook, setting up the scenario comes before determining first player, but some scenarios have a different set up to objectives depending on the player.

How should we handle this?

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I suspect (but we’ll need final Dev/Infernal confirmation) the easiest answer is:

Set up all of the non-asymmetrical scenario elements first, and when the second player chooses a side, set up the asymmetrical elements.

The language in the Steamroller document leaves leeway for individual TO’s to decide how to handle this. Here’s the closest bit of direct answer I could find (both the paragraph and the highlighted portion).


That makes sense. I think the intent of my question was to get that clarification since it currently does not function without bending the rules.


Place scenario elements before the first round, but after turn order is determined.



Thank you. That is a bit contradictory but that is what I needed

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Yep, I missed that part! There was a lot to read yesterday. :slight_smile:

I’ve read it as much as humanly possible in the last 24 hours.

I am running an event in 2 days so I should probably know these things.


Yep! 100% after table sides are picked. I suspect we will haven an insider on timing set up in a week or two.


After first testing of the new scenarios it feels the setup takes a very long time. This is further increased because the maps are not in scale and some measurements are missing (so these need to be looked from the opposing side of the map). Because it can be very relevant where exactly especially the flags for Objective terrain are located and because the placement is asymmetrical, you’d need to measure all possibilities before choosing the table side.

This is problematic especially in tournament environment where you really want to make sure you’ll make the right choice of side so it takes time. I would strongly recommend these changes:

  • Remove asymmetry from all scenarios so you can set it up and see where all scenario elements are before choosing sides.

  • Make the map in scale and put every measurement for objectives on your side of table to speed up placing everything.

  • EDIT: One more. If some scenario doesn’t have a particular objective, do not mention how much you get by scoring it. For example Invasion and Caches.

Also where does it say that when choosing Objective terrain you’ll need to choose your own objective? This was supposed to be included in the final document as it was missing from the draft.

That is found here:

As for the suggestions…I can’t help you with that. :slight_smile: It’s a bit too late for any such drastic, sweeping changes to this year’s scenario packet. :slight_smile:

My own personal experience (just testing it at home for a quick runthrough) is that setting up SR2024 objectives is no worse than previous zone-based setups, and can be significantly faster. Depending on the terrain on the table, obviously, it can be easier to measure distance to a few things and drop some objectives on the map than it is to move and replace multiple terrain pieces to swap out zones.

Plus, this document makes provisions for a TO to say “Hey, players, set up your objectives yourself”, which ought to make changing the setups of 8-16 tables a heck of a lot faster!

So where does it say that you need to choose your own flag?

Also do you think it would be a drastic, sweeping change to draw the maps in scale?

To me, the highlighted sentence reads as if player 1 chooses player 1’s flag terrain, and then player 2 chooses player 2’s flag terrain. I don’t know a better way to explain it. :person_shrugging:

I was specifically referring to the “remove asymmetry from all scenarios” suggestion. “After the packet releases” is rather too late to substantially, materially alter scenarios. :slight_smile:

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I would also make the case that if the issue is that the diagrams aren’t clear enough than updating the diagrams is almost certainly easier than changing the scenarios before people even have the chance to play them.

Personally I’m really excited about asymmetric scenarios, I’d rather they didn’t get removed before I can play them lol


The maps are already more or less in scale, which is better than any previous Steamroller