Sequencing of Admonisher and Electro Leap

So Hierarch Severius (Sevvy2) now has both Electro Leap and Admonisher on his Melee Weapon. Since Both abilities specify the nearest models within 3"/4" respectively as suffering a damage roll, I would like to know when the nearest models are determined?

If Sevvy2 hits something does Admonisher do its damage to (and potentially kill) models before Electro Leap determines which target it hits?
Or do both Abilities find the same closest model within 3" and that one just gets 2 Damage rolls?

Also, can I choose which ability happens first? (This can relevant due to different Ranges of the abilities)

This legitimately sounds like a rules timing nightmare.

I honestly believe that Sev2 got e-leap by accident and it will be removed in a future update.

It is bizarre that he has it at all, but the resolution isnt problematic because they both resolve simultaneous with the weapon damage so no one is destroyed or removed from the table until all the damage is applied.

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Before we get too deeply into this: I’m pretty confident that Severius having both rules is a mistake. :slight_smile:

If you compare the two rules, you can see that the rules text of Admonisher was changed from the MK III wording to be very similar to this edition’s Electro Leap. Electro Leap probably was just used for comparison purposes and accidentally left behind.

My advice is: don’t worry about it. :smile:

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Yeah, I assumed as much, which is why I waited 3 weeks/updates after first reporting it to PP to ask :smiley:


I’m sure it’s on someone’s radar. I just suspect that they’re working on getting the rest of the Legacy Unlimited models converted (and working on Khymaera and the teased cadres and whatnot) and that patching a recently-released Legacy model isn’t top of the priority list. :slight_smile:

It is on the radar and we are waiting for an answer

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Well, I think we have that answer. :smile:

Severius could be sneaky and cunning, but I never thought of him as someone who’d stoop to using Cygnar tech to burn heretics.

Hey! Remember that crazy few weeks back in 2023 when Sevvy2 had e-leaps?!? Good times.

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