Few Menoth questions!


Pleased to meet yall. Got a couple questions.

Shrine of the Law Giver - final interdiction.

Path to Urcean references a command range. I cant find it! In mark 3 it was 12".

That being said- can one model in a unit get ghostly - move thru other models and then the rest of the unit is placed?

Feora Hex Hammer

Duration is turn and on the spell it ends with this lasts for one turn - how does this actually work? Seems like it should be round? Are there some niche cases of enemys casting spells in feoras turn?

Lastly - chain smite on the exemplar seneschal -

Is his third chain smite attack damage roll resolved with weapon master? I know the collateral damage would not be.

Thanks so much!

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Welcome! Just an FYI, his might be better suited to the #warmachine category, you should be able to edit the post and change the category. The community category is for general PP-wide stuff usually.

As for your questions, I believe the first two are misprints and I haven’t seen anything official addressing them.

The damage roll from Smite would still be weapon master, but as you said not the collateral damage rolls

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Sounds like a copy-paste error from earlier edition rules. Some abilities referring to command range seem to have slipped by. Perhaps you could submit a bug report via the Warmachine App? That’d probably get it fixed faster than wait for a PP staffer to spot it on these forums.

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Ok - i sent it through in card review before joining the forums but appreciate all the help.

I’ll check with dev team and post when we have an answer

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Hex hammer lasts 1 round