RFP on Destroyed

The Legion of Lost Souls can RFP a model “when it is destroyed”, not when boxed or something:

The rule specifically refers to it as “the destroyed model”. Can that model then trigger rules yhat trigger on Destroyed (with the exception of generating soul and corpse tokens as specified in the rule ofc)?

For a very obvious and relevant example, can Alexia3 generate a Thrall?

In this case the rule specifies “removing” the model, so I maybe it can’t be used because you’re already removing the model. But to play devil’s advocate, can I say I’m interrupting Blood-Bound to trigger Passive Necromancy, remove the model as part of Passive Necromancy, then resume execution of Blood-Bound where I can’t RFP the model because it’s been replaced, but that’s OK because the RFP is the last part and the rest of the rule doesn’t depend on it, allowing me to double-dip and generate both a Thrall and a Legion grunt? Bear in mind that Blood-Bound specifies “after the attack is resolved”, while Passive Necromancy does not, meaning that Passive Necromancy could be considered to happen during the attack resolution, while Blood-Bound happens later?

Sure, it’s a stretch, I expect the intention is for that to not happen, I’m just debating the wording for fun here (plus it would be fun to pull some jank in a casual game…).

More realistically however, what about something like Butcher2’s Rage tokens? I don’t see any reason I wouldn’t get those?

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The order is:

  1. disabled
  2. boxed
  3. destroyed

Passive Necromancy is triggered wnen model is boxed and then model can be removed from play. I think in that case Blood-bound doesn’t work, becasue is triggering when model is destroyed.

In the image I posted, taken from the app, it says:
“Passive Necromancy - Once per turn when another living warrior model is DESTROYED…”

So it seems to me that it’s triggered on “destroyed”. Yes, it then references the model as “the boxed model”, but that doesn’t mean the model hasn’t been destroyed; it has, because that was the trigger, the model is both boxed and destroyed. Perhaps the rule should be re-written to say “When … is BOXED” instead? Or maybe that’s what it was originally intended to say?

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I think you’d trigger either in sequence
Assuming the scenario is Lols and Alexia are in the same army, legionnaire kills an enemy
Both effects are active player effects triggered on destroyed
Active player chooses which to trigger first
After resolving either effect, the enemy is RFP
There is no longer a destroyed model in play to trigger the second effect

So choose either effect

It does read strangely that passive necromancy starts referring to the boxed model. I assume it is meant to be destroyed… Though even if not I don’t think it changes the rule (the model is still boxed)

For the case of blood bound the triggers on being destroyed still apply.

For passive I know it was brought up which it does it on, I’ll have to check though

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So the second effect doesn’t even trigger, even though both trigger on destroyed and the model was destroyed? Is that definitely how triggers work? Is this a universal rule - that if a model is RFP’ed then anything it triggered before it died is no longer resolved?

The short answer is:

See “Appendix 1: Timing”.

Everything gets way clearer when you look at that. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I’m not sure exactly what you’re saying, could you please clarify? Are you saying that after Blood-Bound triggers, you can still trigger things like Passive Necromancy? Or are you referring to Butcher’s feat tokens? Or both?

Based on the timing section I would assume that I can choose to get Rage tokens on Butcher 2 before I trigger Passive Necromancy, except that Passive Necromancy complicates matters by talking about “the model boxed”, kind of implying that it is resolved on “boxed”, i.e. before it is triggered; part of why I started this thread was because the wording on that rule is strange.

Also I’m still unclear on whether Passive Necromancy replacing the model would prevent further rules from being resolved - so if I chose to trigger Passive Necromancy first, I do not know if I would still benefit from Feel The Hate.

Both Feel The Hate and Passive Necromancy trigger before Blood Bound, but again I don’t know if Blood Bound still triggers if I trigger Passive Necromancy first because the model was removed/replaced.

I’ll have to look at the specific rules in question before I answer. Give me a bit. :slight_smile:

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As a blanket rule the model is destroyed
This will trigger things that happen when model is destroyed

Im checking on the correct wording of passive necromancy


I just saw the wording of Passive Necromancy has been changed in the app to trigger on “Boxed”. Guess that solves that, although now I almost feel guilty for ruining the fun; double-dipping on recursion would have been some funny jank. Oh well.