Resurrection league scenario files

For a resurrection league should we be using the dark tide scenarios or the resurrections league scenarios that are in the forums already posted for down load? Are the Black Tide Scenarios in the app up to date?

The scenarios in the packets correspond to Black Tide seasons 2 and 4. :slightly_smiling_face:

The scenarios in the app have more information than the PDF scenarios. As I recall, a few of the PDF scenarios were missing scoring information or victory conditions or such.

Any ETA on making all the Black Tide Scenarios downloadable in a PDF format for those that haven’t subscribed to the Warmachine App?

What is recommended for a resurrection league? It seems like the Black Tide Scenarios are simpler to score and the layouts are more basic. The Resurrections league scenarios are a bit more complex.

I’m just another player; I’m not the right person to ask about most of that. :slightly_smiling_face:

The Resurrection League season 1 scenarios (the ones with Reinholdt) should be identical to Black Tide Season 2, and Resurrection League season 2 (the ones with the Hoard Revenant) should be identical to Black Tide season 4.

I would say that all these scenarios are designed to make players think. They all have non-standard victory conditions (killing the opponent’s Leader rarely results in direct victory) and some are definitely (and almost certainly intentionally) tilted in favor of the attacker or defender.

While I understand that it’s an additional cost, the app subscription is pretty trivial and I find the access to all the additional content very much worth the price of admission. Plus, I’m pretty sure the subscription is how they pay for continuing app support and development, so bear that in mind. :slightly_smiling_face: