So writing for Iron specter's tome of necromechanikal and other iron kingdoms oddities

So i finished today the writing for my gearbook for FMF/Unleashed(2D6), only waiting for custum iliustrations that will be done by my wounderfull girlfriend @JuliaGMA (Including the cover art) and me figuring out how to layout it.
Comments and sugestions are welcomed.
So no more delays here is the link for the previw of: Iron specter’s tome of necromechanikal and other iron kingdoms oddities
Link: Iron specter's tome of necromechanikal and other iron kingdoms oddities - Google Docs


It looks amazing.
But I cant seem to find the Resurrectionist (Necrotech) ability that are mentioned the career.
And is the “steamhead” ability a new ability or is it supposed to be the Ironhead ability?

thanks for the info, steamhead is a mistranlation im gonna solve that, should be steamo, the resurectionist is just ,me being a moron and forfgeting it

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Resurectionist was removed since i dont want players to build a mechanithrall army and using it in combat, GMs would hate that imagine a player with 15 minions


I think players with mechanithrall armies wouldn’t actually be such a big issue unless the GM explicitly wanted it in their camapaign. After all, outside of Cryx you’d struggle to hide such a force unless you stay well away from civilisation, and the resources to run such a force - e.g. access to necrotite - could quickly become an issue. Even inside of Cryx there would be issues like competition for corpses among different necrotechs, and any local iron lich maybe taking a dim view of somebody building up forces that aren’t under their control.

With the system i designed it still allows you to create a thrall army, i just dont want a player with a lot of “permanent” minions in combat, you can still use them asa narrative tool/sentrys for hideouts, ythe problem isactualy incentivising bringing a lot of minions into combat(resurrctionist did that, allowing you to reanimate necromecanikal thralls using corpse tokens in combat), i judged best to not incentivise bringing an army to each combat, if the GM and other players are ok with it great, the easy way would be limiting the amount of thralls in combat with base on the comand skill, however that woud incentivise building only the strongest thralls, and the weaker would be way to situational(aka early game and or you dont have resources to build the better ones), i had a problem where a player would bring a bunch of minions in combat(adimtedly that was to game the artillery weapons) and his turn were quiet long, and everytime all the minions doed, he wanted to come back to grab more, it wasnt great, it sometimes halted the pace of the game(this is a power gamer problem that most people wont have, but i felt the damage it can cause, like exemplar yo yo build).

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I think it looks fine, with just scrap thralls that can be made in combat.
I also noticed that the Necrotech start the Thrall Crafting skill and abilities that that require Thrall Crafting, but the Necrotech does not start with the Inscribe Thrall rune ability that you need to be able to use the skill.

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