Everlasting harmony to a galaxy far, far away (NEW stuff Aug 7)

Testing a color scheme for my Empyreans. The concept is using a CMYK palette (cyan, magenta, yellow, black).

My idea is that the soulless Sabers are mostly magenta, whereas the Aeons will have a golden-yellow NMM body with magenta details and weapons. Both share the black “machinery” bits and cyan glowy bits.

My goal is to have at least a demo battlegroup ready for Ropecon in late July, hopefully a 8-unit skirmish force, as these are pretty quick to paint. Then I’d have fully painted forces for all four factions to show off… I mean, demo the game for the uninitiated.


As someone in printing seeing CMYK makes me happy. I wish hexachrome took off then you could’ve had Orange and Green too.

Hmm. I guess that gives me an idea for painting Corebus’s cloak. Something obviously makes him different from the other Empyreans, so it might as well be a broader color perception.

This weekend’s additions: the Fulcrum and the Oculus.

Looks like the leftovers in my black primer spray can left a somewhat rough surface, but it’s not as clearly visible to the naked eye, and besides, these are just tabletop models, so it’s good enough if they look painted.

The bases are a mix of Arcane and Mystic bases from Micro Art Studios. The idea is to show that when the Empyreans “harmonized” the galaxy a long, long time ago, ancient cultures were wiped out, but some artifacts were left behind in a silent memento to their passing. It’s not visible on the photo, but one of the Sabers has a tiny alien doll on its base, too.


These look amazing. Great job

New stuff!

Daemon light warjack. Well, light in name only - she’s a big girl (that’s a 50 mm base) made of metal. The dynamic pose made it impossible to get the whole thing into camera focus. Unlike the warjacks of other factions, I did not magnetize this - first, because those metallic weapon parts are very heavy and connected to the sides of the arms, making them struggle against gravity; and second, because there’s actually a rather limited number of five-point combinations of weapons for Daemons, so I’ll just build my jacks with the preset loadouts.

I admit I wasn’t entirely sure if I liked the Empyrean aesthetics when I first saw them, but the more I paint them, the more I grow to love them. There’s something so alien in weapons that don’t resemble weapons (but you’ll recognize which pieces in the models are weapons because I paint them yellow).

(Also, fallen tree leaves on the ground in oranges and greens, for Chikahiro.)


I love the little stone chunk on the base. That model came out looking really clean

Master Luc… I mean Tulcan.

This guy isn’t so much an Easter egg for Warmachine players as he is a whole Easter bunny dual-wielding mechanikal egg baskets, so I painted him like a Convergence of Cyriss model. And, as he is a Wild Card rather than an Empyrean Faction model, it doesn’t matter that he isn’t painted in Faction colors. The base was nevertheless done in the same style as the Empyreans. (I may eventually buy another model and paint/base him to better fit into my other Factions.)


He hates it when you call him Ghil.

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New stuff! Finished them a few weeks ago but as I took them to the Ropecon miniature painting contest at the end of July, I decided to wait to get a pro-photographer picture of them rather than try to get a good shot of them with my potato.

They received a commendation in the Group category. If I may say so myself, they came out looking really good when seen from two meters away.

My idea here is that the guys with souls have reversed colors compared to the Saber forces. But they would’ve turned out too yellow if I had simply reversed the colors, so I added some extra magenta areas to the whole, to break the monotony.


Those look great! They’re certainly much higher-quality than “good from two meters away.” :slight_smile: