Orange Legion of Everblight

I’ve wanted to start a forum thread for my army for a long time and here we finally are. Hopefully this will keep a nice snapshot of my progress and keep me motivated.

I got into the game at the end of MK2, then MK3 was announced before Warmachine was largely stopped being played in my friends group. The I got into it again at the end of MK3 and suddenly MK4 was announced. I seem to have a thing for getting in just before an edition change!

Some of you may have seen pictures of the brawlmachine army I painted last year:

This scheme was trying to match my original MK2 scheme (below), but with an airbrush and techniques I’d learnt over the ~5 years away to make it faster. I personally think this is the best scheme I’ve created so I’m keen to complete a full army.


Now with the release of MK4 I started trying to paint my dragons host enough to field a few okay-ish lists. I made this decision before Ravens were out and Dragon’s Host currently need a lot less models to get painted so I’m sticking with them for now :wink:.

Here’s what I’ve painted earlier this year:

I still need to complete the flame on the Ravagore and I’m not entirely happy with the purple oil wash on Kallus’ skin. I plan to go in and re-highlight it with some white

That’s it for now, hopefully I’ll have some more recent one additions soon!


They look really good, I love the muted blue-greys and organic-looking orange; it’s bright and colourful, but realistic and believable rather than cartoony.

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Thanks! That’s definitely the look I was going for. One of my inspirations was colourful and deadly poisonous frogs :frog:.


Got another model painted up, Golab! Really keen to play with them on the table.


Nice, the glowing eyes are a great touch. What’s the plan for the base?

Cheers! I’m planning on the doing the same as my brawlmachine force. Just need to requisition a friend to print out more tree stumps as I’ve run out.


Dude this looks awesome!!
That’s a hard combination to pull off

Thanks for the kind words!

I’ve got a bit more painted, still need to get the stuff for basing though :sweat_smile:


Nice work on ths skin!

Finished a while ago but I forgot to post, finished Abby2 and Anamag. Got all the dragons host warlocks done!


Nice work! Abby’s eyes aren’t as good as Anamag’s, and the lack of basing ofc takes away a bit, but the colours and shading work really well!

Not sure how I missed this before.

The models themselves are looking good! :slight_smile:

Even the most basic basing will take them to the next level, though! :slight_smile:

I hear you loud and clear on the basing! I’ve asked my 3D printer friends so hopefully I should get my basing bits soon :crossed_fingers:

For something a bit different. Just like every legion player I had full FA shredders so I decided to turn some into harriers.

Also I always find the seraph and the neraph pretty similar in terms of looks. So I decided to make it obvious what the Seraph did.


I like this. Very clean scheme, that is really readable at a distance too.

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I am still around and painting!

I’ve finished quite a few models in the meantime, however no pictures yet.

For those keen for based models, good news. I’ve received my basing bits and started painting them.


Everything is now painted and based! Good photos soon, but I got a few games in with them in the meantime.


Finally some photos of stuff I’ve painted recently.

Also I finished off the ravagore fire. Don’t know if I’m sold on the green blue fire but I’ll admit it’s growing on me.

Plus some of my favourites now they’re based :wink:


That’s a lot of stuff! And it all looks great!