Orgoth Pronunciation Guide?

But seriously, how are we meant to pronounce these Orgoth names? I’m not taking anything for granted, in a world where “Scyrah” is officially pronounced “Sigrah”.

How about that double vowel in “KishTAAR”. Is that a long vowel, like in Japanese, or is there a glottal stop between the two a’s, like in Hawai’i’s i’s?

Sabbreth has a gratuitously doubled b. You wouldn’t need that by standard English pronunciation rules if all you wanted to signal was that the a is soft. The ‘br’ is already two letters, so we know the a is soft. So what is the reduplicated b signaling?

Horruskh. ‘skh’ looks like maybe it’s suggesting some slavic sound, but which one? And if the ‘bb’ in Sabbreth was signaling something, should we apply the same rule to this ‘rr’?

How about the pronunciation of “Vhanek” or “Rhok”? I’d read the ‘h’ as making the following vowel more breathy and soft, but given the note about “Scyrah” above, I’m not taking anything for granted.

Anything surprising in “Ulkor”, or “Vulcar”?

Edit: Corrected spelling of “Scyrah”.

Re: Scyrah
Well, to be fair, there’s this:


I do not know how to properly annotate pronunciation in text, but here’s an amateur-hour attempt to get the ideas across. (I’m confident about my answers, but tell you what: I’ll ask the crew at GenCon and see what they say. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hor-uskh (rhymes with “dusk” with a breathy “H” sound on the end)
Vul-kar (like “Vulcan” except with an “R” instead of an “N”)

Wait, I’ve been misspelling “Scyrah” in my head all this time? Well, right there, I have a lot more faith that I’ve been making this harder than it needs to be. All this time I’ve been assuming someone at PP was slipping in some Welsh pronunciation. Either that, or some equally rebellious use of the latin alphabet.

I’m glad I was able to help. :grin: