I noticed something about the brineblood logo

so the trollkin skull in the logo doesn’t have any pointed (sharp) teeth. This would inply that they are not meat eaters, as that is what pointed teeth are used for. I find in interesting that trollkin might be herbivorous. I know that many of the trolls and dire trolls have pointed teeth, and are therefor carnivorous.

I find it fascinating that trollkins might be herbivorous. What does everyone else think?


Don’t some omnivores have flat teeth?


Ya, trolls sort of eat what they want when they want.

Yeah, they are Omnivores and will eat just about anything.

Sometimes even warjacks, from what I’ve read

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The apparent lack of molars, as well as the flat teeth, suggest that the teeth are made for tearing soft material, such as plant tissue, and then swallowing it rather than chewing. It may be that centuries of using cutlery and cutting meat into small pieces, or long traditions of mincing everything before eating, has removed the need of sharp teeth for meat-eating, but this doesn’t sound like the trollkin we know.

I’m now waiting for Matt Wilson to pop in and confirm that trollkin actually make smoothies out of everything and therefore have no need to chew their meals.


I always imagined trollkin, gators, etc. as basically humanoids with traits of their patron deity and everyone being basically able to intermix with each other, etc

Interestingly I don’t think we actually know how long the Dhunians species have been around. We know that humans are more than 10,000 years old because the elves are younger than they are and the oldest point on the timeline I’m aware of is the formation of the Empire of Lyoss 10,000 years ago and we know that most (if not all) of the Dhunian species are older than humans. It’s entirely possible that the pre-history of trollkin goes back hundreds of thousands of years or more and given how rapidly full blood trolls evolve to adapt to their environments I could totally see trollkin losing canine teeth after a relatively short time (compared to real-world human evolution) cooking their food and using cutlery.

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