Orgoth, and retribution/dusk lore

Am I the only one surprised by the stance dusk seem to be taking with regards to the Orgoth invasion? Per the hengehold scrolls Ios learned that most of the divine court were killed by the fellgoeth infernals due to thamar giving up information on them in exchange for humanity gaining magic. The Orgoth are a force who work for a different group of infernals, who I believe are enemies of the fellgoeth, and their goal is to kill the human gods and murder a bunch of humans. I have never seen a more clear cut “the enemy of my enemy” setup in my life and yet it seems like the dusk are just shrugging off the last few hundred years of history to buddy up with humanity. What gives?


No? They murdered a bunch of humans who didn’t do anything to try to have their gods when the method didn’t work and would never work. The Infernals that did it are a different court but that doesn’t mean the Fellgoeth aren’t going to try to eat all the souls on Caen themselves.

And Thamar made that desperate bargain because the elves sat and watched the Orgoth harvest human souls and did nothing.

House Kallys realizes elves brought a lot on themselves by trying to be detached from the world and insular. They know now they have to be proactive and involved to ensure some sort of stability on the continent. There is another House who apparently disagrees, and the Cult of Nyrro of course just wants to eat life force and order people around.


Undeath gave the Iosans a different outlook on life.*


"Hey…you know…Humanity itself, and by extension, human arcanists, were not guilty of the crime of which they were accused. We might have been able to avoid this fate if, instead of centuries of isolationist, xenophobic policies, we had reached out and made friends. Maybe those crafty, vital humans could have helped us.

Also, the continent is kinda effed if the Orgoth are not stopped, and given that our numbers are like a tenth of what they were the last time the Orgoth invaded, we’re kind of doomed unless we step in and help stop them now."

* And, even more specifically, the Retribution was a fringe extremist group for a very long time until a very particular set of circumstances put them in power very recently in the timeline. Everybody kind of went along with it because everybody else was going along with it.


Enemy of my enemy is often a flawed logic and I think especially in this case. These demons fight with the other demons we fought with before so lets ally? That would make zero sense. They are still demons and want to suck souls. They are most definitely not a viable ally at ALL :smiley:

I also just really like the lore of Dusk (well, at least House Kallyss) of wanting to redeem themselves, so I’m all up for undead elf allies.

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What WaywardPaladin, Michael, and Tommywolf said. :slight_smile:


The Orgoth work for the Fellgoeth Infernals, Thamar did her deal with the Nonokrion Infernals, who are represented via the Infernals faction in the game.


That is also a magnificent point. :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess most of these are fair points and thank you for the correction on which infernal order is which. Seems like I’m over estimating the support the retribution had about the population before the deaths of the last iosan gods. I guess I just find nice undead elves to be less interesting than murderous living elves

Just to add information; there is also a good amount of living iosans (even if not that huge to populate all Ios) that, left to Fellgoeth/Orgoth invaders, would end as soul fuel for infernals.

If anything, Dusk House Kallys can intervene to help protect them, alongside all other living non-iosans they can.

And well, there are more Dusk out there (in there?) that may have a more isolated/confrontational point of view.

Now, what I wondering if there are enough Nyss out there to form a Cadre (or Army?), or if we have Nyss turned to Eldritch…

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In the app lore it is very much implied Kallyss are the most altruistic (and even then not completely, Hazzaroth is definitely not a good guy and in it only for himself) and the rest of the Dusk is more neutral or even opposed to the whole defending the world thing.

I am curious about what the second army would be. Desert elves from those stuck in conquered Skorne territory could be an interesting take for example?

Also very curious about the Ghosts of Ios lore, absolutely love those concept arts, Morayne looks cool af, and I was never too keen on myrmidon looks but Specter I definitely DO like from the art.

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This. OP seems to confusing the competing Infernal factions here. And also the various houses within Dusk and their motivations.