Old Forums 24 hour notice close down

Hello just a heads up the old Privateer Press forums will be closed for good 6/13/2023. If there is any thing you want to save please do it soon!!

Adam O


The old rules forum never returned. Can we get those archived and saved somewhere?

Anything you want to save, I would suggest grabbing.

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What he meant was that the old rules forum was never restored last month, so no one has had access to it. :slight_smile:

(I personally wouldn’t mind if the pre-MK IV rulings disappeared. I think it’s time to just let go of the baggage. :slight_smile: )

They were never restored. I believe that you said you were going to look into it a bit ago, but we never heard back on it.

I disagree. Many of them are still relevant to the game. Why reinvent the wheel and ask the same questions that have already been asked.

My argument for it (which is probably very irrelevant, considering it’s probably gone by now anyway) is that there’s no guarantee that any given MK III ruling still stands.

MK III itself went through a couple minor core rules revisions during its lifetime. Whole sections of the MK IV rules have been thrown away, recycled, upcycled, pureed, tweaked, rewritten wholesale, etc… There would be too much potential confusion in following some of the old rulings.

For every still-valid ruling, I’m sure we could locate ten spurious rulings.

MK IV is pretty different in a lot of regards. It’s just best to start fresh. :slight_smile: