Old forum's archived content

Hey guys,

since it seems like privateerpress has been updating it’s forum website, it seems like some content has gone missing or has been removed.

Does anyone know if there’s any way to access the old privateerpressforums website?

I’m especially interested in the thread about Rhulic custom classes since there’s a heavy lack of dwarven content. If anyone happens to have any info on that topic I’d be really grateful.


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Unless somebody manually archived that content, your best bet is The Internet Wayback Machine.

(At any rate, as far as we know at this time: the old forums are permanently offline.)

Unfortunately, the Internet Way Back Machine only cached the main page and none of the forum posts.

Unfortunately it appears to all be gone. PP may have a backup somewhere, but it’s doubtful.

That is really sad, I feel like that step has removed insane amounts of Homebrew contents and discussions.

Thank you all for the fast replies!

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