"Never Call Retreat," a Crusader/Vanquisher/Templar

Finally I finished “Never Call Retreat,” a Crusader/Vanquisher/Templar for my “Union of Menoth” army, based on the Union army in the US Civil War. (The name, like most of my warjack names, is a Battle Hymn of the Republic reference.) The Templar has become a heavily used model for me with Cyrenia, so I’m very excited to finish it and not use proxies any more. I replaced the flail chain with twisted wire, and added some cotton “incense” to bless the sinners with Menoth’s light.

A better view of the “incense.” I think I’m satisfied with it looking cottony and wispy as it disperses, a lot of pictures of burning incense seem to have either diffuse clouds of smoke or thin threads.


Cool, interesting idea with the incense.

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Yeah, I had the idea of a weaponized incense burner stuck in my head for a while, and finally got the chance to use it.