Multi wound units and Gameplay

Long time players have multi wound markers that they use for multi wound units. I have been looking to buy these; however it seems that the app is the desired method of marking units now so nobody appears to be selling these.

From a game play perspective this seems to be less than ideal as you are then mentally tracking which unit out of a group has what damage, or stopping to ask your opponent while on the clock.

Is there a reason / methodology behind why this type of widget would not be supported by PP any more? Some armies this doesn’t matter because let’s face it most Khador (other than suppressors) is dying anyway. But with Suppressors it is an issue and I am then stuck using dice so that I can show my opponent what is left on which unit.

I don’t think PP is producing any first-party tokens anymore, which would be why they aren’t selling the wound markers. As far as third-party goes I’m not sure who’s out there besides Broken Egg these days and they don’t appear to have them either.

For what it’s worth I’ve been playing the game for about 12 years and 3 editions and most of the time the way I’ve seen people track multiwound model health has been using dice or the app/card.

I don’t recall ever seeing any official PP wound markers or trackers? I think the official stance was always just to mark the boxes on the cards, and now (with no cards) it’s to use the app? Personally I didn’t feel the need for any extra doodads when I was going to be bringing the cards and marking them anyway since you NEED to use the warjack grids.

A fellow by the name of @Nindokag posted his own designs for a base with build-in wound and resource trackers on Discord a while back:

These are the official PP ones, I got some as an event prize once but they are still in the packet unused, I just track hits on the app, each model is marked A, B, C etc so its incredibly easy.

Oh, I have seen those before, I didn’t realise they were official.

Huh, first I’ve seen these as well. Marking models’ bases with pips is how I distinguish them and I mark damage on the app. Done this since mk3

The conventional way to track their health is to label the models clearly (put an “A”, “B”, or “C” on the base) and then just record the damage on whatever tool is used to record the damage.

In previous editions, this was the physical stat card. Now, it’s the app. Handing the opponent the stat card and turning your phone (tablet, whatever) around takes about the same amount of time and effort, in my experience. :slight_smile:

About the only danger is that you somehow record the damage in the wrong place (you clicked on the wrong unit, you picked up the wrong stat card, whatever), but that’s how it’s always been.

Yeah I am just not a big fan of writing on the bases. It takes away from the immersion (In my opinion). I like the bases with the dials from a minimalist perspective. I had not seen those before.

To each his own, I guess. :slight_smile: I think those printed base trackers look awful. The thickness of the base looks out of proportion to the models themselves and draws the eye toward the base, past the model.

Neatly writing a single letter on the back is pretty tame in my mind, by comparison. :slight_smile:

(Plus, the letters can be color-coded, making it very simple to distinguish duplicate units at a single glance. “This is the red unit, this is the blue unit, this is the yellow unit, etc.”)

Personally I have used the official wound trackers and while they can work they can also add some overhead in the form of making sure you keep them with the right model when you move stuff (especially if there are other tokens in play and not a ton of space). By the time I was painting Ellowuyr Wardens I was going with the base labels and I’ll likely be doing the same for my Brinebloods.

But it’s just down to personal preference really. As long as you know what damage is on what models and your opponent knows or can easily be told it’s all good. Same goes for any tokens, really.

Or you could just add his list to the game and mark damage yourself.

No need to turn Phones arround :slight_smile:

That works too, yeah. :slightly_smiling_face: The only hiccup occurs if one person ever marks the wrong model’s damage. I personally prefer to have “one source of truth” in these situations.

I (still) Use PP’s multiwound acrylic tracker and buying them was one of the best WM decisions I have ever made.

If they are obsolete, they so need to make a comeback either officially or u officially via a 3rd party!

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Also not a fan of writing on bases. That’s why I dot them with little pips from a sharpie or paint. One dot is model A, two is B, so on. Relatively unobtrusive and still distinguishable. Hasn’t been a problem through my 3ish years of playing

Search for “Dial Wound Counters”. These are all I use these days. Get simple ones without a bunch of skulls or similar nonsense. They usually count to 15 or 10, and are just two acrylic disks with numbers on one of them and a hole in the other, that go together with a magnet in the centre. They stack and everything.

One solution would be to model paint the models themselves in a way that tells them apart. How to do this depends on the model, of course.

For my Kayazy Eliminators, for example, the lady with the daggers up was model A and the lady with arms down was model B.

For Men-o-War or similar steam armor one might paint actual serial numbers on their shoulders or something, so that guy 001 is model A, guy 002 is model B, etc. I do this with my Warcaster multiwound models. Of course, you’d need sharp eyes, or big numbers, to see them on a tabletop with possibly less-than-perfect lighting, which is why I’ve also marked base edges.

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I’ve been using d8s to mark the damage (or rather to show the remaining wounds) since Mk3, without any issues.

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