Print to PDF suggestions

Great to get this, especially for demo games it’s neat to be able to print out the rules for the demo army, and not have to fiddle around with an app! The Health Only PDF also looks very convenient.

I do have some suggestions, though!

Remove FA/Cost from the Health Only PDF, it’s irrelevant during play. If possible, add the models’ base statline instead. I don’t know if there is space to add just the stat lines for the weapons, but it would be amazing. In my experience, most of the time I look up models in the app it is to check model / weapon stats or mark damage.

There can be pages of repetition when printing a full army, with indentical copies of model rules being printed many times. The only thing that really needs to be repeated when you have multiple copies of the exact same model are the damage trackers.

There are some texts like “MODEL ABILITIES” and “WEAPON ABILITIES” that are repeated all over the place. I think the layout already makes it pretty clear what the rules are attached to, perhaps these can be removed.

Printing the model image instead of the faction symbol would make it faster to find the right rules when playing.

Write the aspect names on the Warbeast damage trackers.

I don’t know if this is possible, but having a layout where you could cut out the rule for each model and put it in a sleeve would be really great. As it is now, you would have to re-print maybe 10 pages if you change one model in an army. Think of the planet! :smiley:

Anyway, very happy to see this getting added!



I agree woth Pjolterbeist, this is a good addition to the app. My testprints look very good.

In addition to the points above I’d like to sugges that it is made more clear what are basestats and what are “we have already taken into account the module that gives +2 arm and increased the stat”.
Ideally there should be a basestats line and one with options added or some way to see that a stat is increased from module.
Example is Deepborn Diretroll - Fin - Spearback. Gives +2 arm. Maybe the statline could include 18/20 or something for ARM?

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Another possiblity for the card output is to export the…JSON(?) file for a list and insert it into the Card Creator program, I think?


I think maybe just printing the adjusted stat in the statline would be enough, as far as I know there is no way to ignore the granted statistics adjustments from cohort options.

Showing increased stats in green is also a time-honored user interface tradition!