Unlimited & Partisans

I present to you a thread of 3 parts

Part 1: Partisans that seem to have bugs

These models have “Mercenary” on their card, but are not available to Unlimited Mercenaries:

  • Asphyxious4
  • Dannon Blythe & Bull
  • Dhunian Archon
  • JAIMs
  • Kogan the Exile
  • Major Harrison Gibbs
  • Menite Archon

Viktor Pendrake is a Cygnar Mercenary model, but his card is coloured with the Mercenary green instead of the Cygnar blue (in comparison, see the Morrowan Archon which is a blue-coloured Cygnar Mercenary model).

Wolf with No Name doesn’t have Mercenary anywhere on its card, but it is available to Mercenary Unlimited.

Part 2: Partisans that are almost the same as mk3

This part lists models that are available to their mk3 factions … but only as a Mercenary.

I assume that these models are not “friendly Faction” models to their old mk3 Home Factions on purpose… however, it would nice to get official confirmation.

List of ex-Partisans

  • Asphyxious4 (Cryx)
  • Doctor Stygius (Cryx)
  • Hermit of Henge Hold (Retribution)
  • The Devil’s Shadows Mutineers (Cryx)

Part 3a: Mercenaries that are no longer Partisans

These models are mk4 Mercenaries that, in mk4, refuse to even work for the Faction that they used to be best buddies with.

  • Cephalyx Drudges (Cryx)
  • Cephalyx Overlords (Cryx)

Will these be changed to “will work for” and/or multi-faction models?

Part 3b - Partisans that are no longer Mercenaries

These models are non-Mercs in mk4

  • Aurora2
  • Nemo4
  • Captain Rahera
  • Nyss Hunters
  • Lanyssa
  • Ledfoot
  • Pyg Tank
  • Savio
  • Weird Wendell

Will these be changed to multi-faction models?

Bonus Round

And finally

  • Ol’ Grim is not available in Unlimited Khador
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The last waves of Unlimited stuff started releasing last week. :slight_smile: It looks like the new app treats multi-faction cards as individual objects, so (for example) Old Witch 2 in Khador is a totally separate card than Old Witch 2 in Grymkin.

If you’re waiting for the main faction/Mercenary versions of certain models (i.e. Dannon Blythe & Bull, who appear in one faction but not the other), I’d advise “Just give it some more time” and wait for the other faction’s final stuff to be deployed. :slight_smile:

As for parts 3A & B:
Eh, stuff changes. We’ve already seen some examples of faction-jumping for Legacy models. I’m going to bet (for example) that Pyg Tanks are intentionally just Trollbloods models now instead of Mercenaries, and Rahera is intentionally Cryx-only, and so forth.

Also, bonus round:
There are other Unlimited Khador models missing, so Ol’ Grim isn’t alone. :slight_smile: Just wait for the Unlimited Khador release.