As someone who has yet to buy into Mk4…

Making Warjack/Warbeast load outs in the app is so much fun! My reasons for not jumping in yet are mostly time (babies will do that), but I love mucking around with the myriad options available to each chassis.

Even units! I love the unit concepts like Winter Korps Infantry and the new Brineblood multi-wound unit that can become wildly different units with the attachment options.

No question here, just really impressed with the design space direction PP has taken with Mk4 and am excited to see more.


This is definitely one of my favorite ideas to see expanded on in Mk4. They kinda tried it in Mk2 and Mk3 with units like the Iron Fang Pikemen but they didn’t go quite as hard as they have with these two units in Mk4. Pumped to see what else they come up with.