MonPoc stuff back in stock! (seen on Facebook!)

Whoot? Whoot!

The list from the post:

51014 Saucers, Power Pods & Hunter
51062 Carnitrons and Robo Brontox
51078 Steel Shell Crabs & Psi-Eel
51080 Incinerus
51100 Cathedral Building
51118 Voiders and Facilitator
51132 Mogroth
51149 Shriekers and Hopper
51155 Blade Revenants and Hurling Swarms
51190 Necros Shinobi and Necros Overlord

No idea if this is poured resin stuff or 3d printed or magical kaiju dust made :slight_smile:

I’m going to guess that this is found product and not a new print run given that the models seem all over the place, but I’m glad people can get these more easily again for now.

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Magical Kaiju Dust it is, then! :wink:

I’m curious what else might pop up.

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C’mon Defender Extreme and Anglax, c’mon… :stuck_out_tongue:

(I know, I know. But I can hope and dream.)