Monpoc kicstarter

I went all in and I haven’t even tried the game. In fact it seems that im the first player in my country if and when the game finally arrives. Thats partly the reason why I ordered so much stuff. I wanted to give my opponents ability to play with my models too.

Its such a bummer the kicstarter has killed all the exitement for the game. Mayby I will find the spark if and when the game arrives. Its a long wait.

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Sorry to hear that. I’ve not followed the KS or what’s going on with Mythic. I hope it gets resolved.

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I am in the same boat too. I already have two starter boxes, so it’s not too bad. I just keep my mind off the Kickstarter. It is sad that Mythic fumbled it, especially for a game that isn’t their IP.

I think the board game is going to be fun when it comes out.

It seems like whenever PP puts their IPs in the hands of another company it just doesn’t go good. The MonPoc license was held hostage by Hollywood for a decade and Full Moon Studios promised too much.

I hope that PP finds a good development partner, like how Catalyst Game Labs found Harebrained Schemes.

PP games are so fun and their settings are so rich, it would be cool to see their IPs expand into other media or game genres.

Given that the Kickstarter fulfilment is probably quite a ways off: what’s stopping you from buying some models and playing now? :slight_smile:

I get that the Kickstarter was a ridiculous price cut, and I get that you don’t want to see that money “wasted”, but…just play the game if you want to play the game. So what if you don’t have 500 models to start…?

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Agreed, the two starters are the way to go.