MonPoc Community Resources

This post will lay out the community-created and official resources available to Monsterpocalypse players in a singular post to ensure that it has the highest visibility. If you would like something added to the post, feel free to comment.

  • How to Play

If you’re just getting into the game, or if you’re interested in getting into the game, check out the War Budgies How to Play Monsterpocalypse in Five Minutes video.

You can also download the full rulebook for free from Privateer Press by clicking here.

If you’re interested in taking a deeper dive into how to play Monsterpocalypse, learning about strategies and building lists, check out the MonPoc 101 page from Smashville University. Here, you’ll be able to find articles about the individual model types of MonPoc along with tips on gameplay, buying into your first list, and other resources.

  • First Purchases

While your first purchase should be one of the starter sets because of the dice, building debris tiles, maps, and apartment buildings they come with, Monsterpocalypse is a game that can be played as casually or competitively as you’d like. Every monster in the game has access to the same resources and power attacks, so the difference in relative power level is fairly small compared to many other games. This means you can pair two monsters together that you just think look cool and do well for yourself. However, if you would like some advice from the perspective of the competitive community, check out the MonPoc purchasing guide below.

MonPoc Purchase Guide - August 2022

At some point you will inevitably stumble across the Monsterpocalypse Board Game Kickstarter by Mythic Games. While the prices are fantastic, this product has been indefinitely delayed, so the best way to buy into the game currently is through the models available from the Privateer Press line of hobby quality miniatures referenced in the purchasing guide.

  • Other Social Media Outlets

Join the MonPoc Discord for real-time discussions about MonPoc or to join our online tournaments

Join us on Facebook for a different experience that trends more towards visual media than text.

You can also join us on Reddit, however, things are pretty quiet here now as most players have migrated to the Discord or Facebook communities.

  • Model Rules and List Building

Check out the SmashU wiki which is a community editable wiki with strategy, list building, and rules interactions given for every model in the game.

Monster Room is a fan-made list building web app that is regularly updated and has all of the rules for every model in the game.

MonPocBuilder is also a fan-made list building web page that is regularly updated and has all of the rules linked to the models. Lists made here can also be directly copied into the Tabletop Simulator mod.

The official Privateer Press MonPoc Wiki has all of the model rules.

  • Podcasts

The Monster Island Podcast is a new and ongoing series all about MonPoc!

The official Primecast and Primecast + casts tend to have a lot of MonPoc content including spoilers and interviews with members of the competitive community.

The Warnouns Podcast comes out with a few MonPoc episodes periodically alongside their other content.

Midnight MonPod is on a bit of a break right now, but there is a lot of relevant content there in episodes that tend to be pretty short.

Field of Fire is a legacy cast that is no longer being produced but has a lot of great MonPoc content.

Vicarious Competition is a legacy cast that is no longer being produced, but don’t let that stop you from diving into the 70+ episodes of MonPoc content.

  • Community Resources

Smashville University is something of a one-stop shop for MonPoc content, and it is constantly being updated with new features. is no longer being updated, but there is some good information there among the wiki, tools, and version 1.0 content.

  • Online Play

There is a fan-made Tabletop Simulator mod that most players use to play MonPoc online. It is actively updated, and you can find matches on the MonPoc Discord listed above. It is also how online organized tournaments are played.


This is another great community resource. Thanks for putting this together. I have pinned it to the monpoc start here thread.

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