MonPoc buildings: 3d printing is bringing down the price!

WOW. Okay, wasn’t expect this. Granted, I don’t know anything about 3d resin printing. I’m super curious what else we’ll see.

Also curious if newer MonPoc units and monsters will either get cheaper or stay the same price but perhaps some extra options like the new Warjacks?


Most monsters are pretty unique, but magnetizing could make it possible to make some differences between Alpha and Hyper forms. And units could have something extra for Elites.

I have basically everything I want for MonPoc, but I’m pretty hyped about these buildings nonetheless!

The price point is sufficiently low that I can buy a package and hand them out as extra prize support without breaking the bank. :slight_smile: $9 a building is quite reasonable!

As for units and monster speculation:

I’d be thrilled to get rid of the metal models, that’s all. :slight_smile: About half of my Protectors units are metal and they’re so heavy.

(True fact: the all-metal Construction Yard building weighs more than the big, beefy poured-resin monster Armodax.)

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